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Annual Giving Goal

You and Carlie have mention many times that you have an “Annual Giving Goal.” At the end of this past year (2019) My wife and I decided that is what we really wanted to do the same.

Giving is something that we’ve always loved to do and we usually just made our goal to give at least 10% of our income. So we challenged ourselves and said this year we want to give $40,000 in tithes, offerings and other giving. That would be about a 50% increase in what we gave the previous year so from about 10% to 15% or 16%. We started giving more and more even before the New Year began and something amazing happened about 2 weeks after we made our giving goal… My wife’s income from her business reached a new level and I reached a new level with my financial practice. Neither of us saw these increases coming and they seemed to come out of nowhere but, long story short, our projected yearly income has now increased by $75,000 from what it was in 2019. Thank you for encouraging us to stretch our giving and stretch those tent poles because we have seen the increase and want to continue to increase our giving!
Jon and Jess  USA