Fatherly love

Today I called the prayer line because I had been plagued by fear due to a long-term illness and I felt I needed prayer to combat the words I had been hearing in my mind. The first time I called I was on hold and then directed to a voicemail. I hung up and decided I would call another day only to realize I had accidentally hit redial. I figured since it began ringing I would stay on the line to see if someone answered. To my surprise I heard a voice on the other side. David listened to my initial request but asked a few questions which allowed me to get to the heart of the issue. He encouraged me and as he spoke I felt God’s love pierce my heart. I grew up without a father so I am not familiar with how a father would encourage his daughter. I’m not sure if David has a daughter but today I felt as if I was his for the moment. He spoke to me and encouraged me. He combated the shame. He encouraged me to pray for those that hurt me which is exactly what the Holy Spirit spoke to me the night before. Because of David’s compassion I was able to better understand how compassionate Jesus was with His disciples and all who came to Him.

I am blessed because of how God used David. I know it wasn’t by accident that the phone redialed. I know that God wanted me to speak to David and because of that conversation I am confident that God wants me well. Words can’t express how God set me free today. I am so thankful for this ministry. Instead of reading God’s word through the critical lenses as I normally would, I can read them with kindness, compassion, and hope. I am trusting God with the full manifestation of healing and I know that fear is just a tactic of the enemy to subvert God’s promises. I am the daughter of the king. I hear Him gently reminding me of how he adores me. David, may God bless you as you continue to spread His truth in love. Thank you Terredez Ministries for your faithfulness.