Back on track

This summer I graduated after years of struggling. It was a victory, but I came out really tired. I hoped that the struggle would be over, but I seemed to be more tired than before. This discouraged me. For months I struggled just to believe for energy for each day. When a challenge came, I stumbled because I had become afraid of challenges amd especially my respons to it. Would I be afraid again, would my mind go crazy?
When corona came, this happened at first, I got afraid and my mind raced with all the negative news. Being at home helped, at least the negative people couldn’t speak directly at me.
When I heard you speak last week, a lightness came in my heart. I started to hope to be victorious while being relaxed. You are like the crazy friends who help believing for bigger things. Especially the teaching about us as new covenant believers, being born again, with the Word and the Spirit always with us, helped me relax. What does it matter if my mind and emotions go crazy? I am a new creation, I can speak in tongues, I got the Word sown into my heart for years, I’ve got the Spirit to remind me of the Word and of what He has done in my life. And when I stumble, I can get up again. Better to walk and stumble, than not to walk any longer (get into the race). I write the Scriptures down that you mention and try to read them later on during the day. Thank you for helping me getting up again and believe with a light heart!