Spiritual site- revelation of protection Psalm 91

I am a mail carrier for Indiana so I am currently working everyday. I have been professing Psalm 91 that no plague will come near my dwelling. I have been focusing on spiritual site since Carlie has talked about that topic some time ago. God showed me a picture when I was little I was afraid to turn the light on in my basement because when I did there were usually spiders or bugs on the floor and when the light came on they would scatter. I was afraid of spiders. God showed me that those spiders symbolizes any plague, bacteria, disease. Jesus is the light inside of us and wherever we go that light shines in the darkness and whatever bug or spider that is in our path we can squash. I have this image in my mind now wherever I go. When I pass people on the street, I can see those bugs jumping off of people because no plague will come near MY dwelling. My postoffice where i work is safe as well as my house. Thank you Carlie and Ashley for teaching on spiritual site!! God Bless!! Please share!!