Every Journey Starts with a Step

Greeting Terradez Team,

First, I have so enjoyed the daily live streams. They are such a blessing. Next, I wanted to give the Lord praise with how He meets us where we are at. Just before the “bug” challenges started, my husband was promoted to an “essential personal” position at his work place with a pay raise. The Lord has really spoken to my man’s heart through that promotion. Then, a few days ago during the live stream Ashley and Carlie talked about talking to God about where to start when there is a big elephant of a miracle needed (the whole How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.) Holy Spirit spoke to my heart in that moment and said that sleeping without my CPAP was a good starting place for my healing journey. I had such a peace that night, and slept through the night without the support of a CPAP. Not once did I stop breathing needing the CPAP. The Holy Spirit quickened His Word from Genesis 2:7 in my heart that God breathed into Adam and Eve’s nostrils the breath of life and He will breathe life into me all night. Weehaa!! God sent His Word and healed me! Haven’t needed the CPAP since. Go God Go!

PS – small talk topic for live stream: How many of the ladies, like myself, who normally have spikey hair have been seeing those dog clippers they got two Christmases ago as a potential provision for such a time as now? Giggle Giggle!