Bloodless poop!

My dog has had non-stop health issues for the past year. After several tests, the vet we worked with told us that he probably has lymphoma. My son and I decided to give him the best life we could and let him die young (he is only two) without invasive tests and biopsies and treatments. Last night, when my son and I took him out on a walk, he pooped several times, and each time his poops were covered in A LOT of blood. I told my son not to give what we saw any power, and as soon as we returned home, I called my aunt (who is also a believer) and we both pronounced my dog healed in the name of Jesus. I knew that he was healed and that he would live a long, happy life. This morning, he had a very normal, beautiful poop, completely free of any blood, and he was his normal, (annoyingly) energetic self! Thank you SO MUCH for empowering me and teaching me that I and my loved ones are no longer victims to bondage and illness.