Ears Healed

I was born hard hearing and I began wearing hearing aids (both ears) in 2012.
Certainly people have been praying for me but no change. In 2018, just after receiving Jesus in my life, I had a dream where God told me I am completely healed. I never let this down and even expected it to happen that year.
But, I didn’t see my exception come to pass, until I have been watching Andrew’s teaching and found yours.

And realized why I haven’t seen the manifestation of my healing. I thank God I was born in a Christian family and always went to Church. But, we believe at His right time God will do it. Since, I just received Jesus, I didn’t know “by your stripes, I’am healed” and everything else explaining that it was done at the cross just like fogginess of sins.
We always believe Jesus heals and always does. We see healing and miracle every time.

Until the lockdown, I tune in to your teaching and went myself digging the Word and got my revelation.
So, I am being declaring myself healed and see myself all I couldn’t, and told “hearing aids your days are numbered”.
On July 27th, all my aids batteries finished and went to inform my dad so he can buy, but little did I realized something was different. My dad looked at me and said “wait you can hear me?!”, I’am like yes, why?
He said, I am hearing better (by the way, I wasn’t wearing my aids”.
This made me think.

Then I remembered that something happened the month before June). I was in my room praying in tongues, and I heard a pop out noise, once then a second time. I looked to see what that noise was but wasn’t sure but took it as yes my ears are healed. 3 days later, praying in tongues, the same thing happen. I recorded this in my prayer journal. Then I realized that these pop out noises were actually my ears opening.

Hallelujah! It’s almost a month I recovered my ears of both hears and no more had to wear hearing aids after 8 years. Wow!
Praise to Jesus!