Financial Breakthrough

Last year I wrote out a faith check to Terradez Ministries for $500 and put it where I could see it all the time. My husband and I really wanted to give big. At the time my husband and I were in a lot of debt mostly because of my long term health issues. We even had to live with a family member for a year and a half. If anything the debt and shortage got worse and I actually tore the check up! BUT GOD was still faithful and a month ago my husband found out about some military retirement money he had never seen. We cashed it out and within two days found an amazing apartment that was on a move in special, paid off a large debt and best of all WE MADE AN ONLINE DONATION TO TERRADEZ FOR $500!!! Thank you Terradez Ministries for all you do. Your ministry has helped us more than I have words for. I can’t wait to see what God does next!