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Healed from chronic kidney disease

I thank God for using Andrew Wommack teachings in my life, i am a born again Christian who just experienced God’s healing power in my life, you know what you don’t know can kill you…
As I was watching Andrew in YouTube i came across Hannah’s healing journey and it really encouraged me, it was in 2019 and I just didn’t understand how to put the dots together so I can get my miracle too. I kept watching some other healing journeys like for Jeremiah Class, Nikkie Weller, Cindy Mezas just to mention a few, oh man my heart got encouraged but still not able to get it. To cut my story short, I saw Carlie in healing is here, man since I’ve been feeding my soul with Andrew’s teachings, the light appeared when I hear the message by Carlie titled unseating sickness, I got hooked up in this message, I made up my mind to take what is mine, since January 2023 i never took a tablet….hallelujah…I believe I am healed, sometimes pains scream at me but I am dead to sickness… I have started doing things that I couldn’t do before, healing is mine, I command my body to respond to the raising from the dead power which is in the inside of me….oh man I am so tired of being sick and tired….
I believe that ckd and high blood pressure is gone for good. I am going for my checkup in August the doctor will be amazed at the wonderful works of our Almighty God. My God is big.
I listen to Ashely and Carlie in power hour and the cure, you guys are hot…🙌