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Healed while watching The Cure

I was watching The Cure last night and was healed during the prayer time. My jaw was in extreme pain all day and there was a word of knowledge regarding jaw pain. I experienced immediate relief and had full mobility for the first time in 2 days! Today (the next day) I felt a tinge of pain a couple times & declared “No way pain! I am healed!” The pain left!

My family went through a very traumatic 19 1/2 months (which recently came to an end). My body has gone through so much due to stress but in the past couple weeks I have been speaking healing to the cortisol levels and other stress related imbalances. Last night Carlie had a word of knowledge concerning that very thing. I took that word as mine and I am healed! I slept better last night and felt better today than I have in many weeks.