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Gainfully Employed

I’ve been an avid listener and reader of your ministry’s messages since 2019. Your ministry has stretched my understanding of what it means to “live life and life more abundantly” through Jesus Christ. Your stories of faith not only empower me but also make me laugh. Since 2016, I’ve been unable to find full-time employment. I completed a Master’s certification program July 2020 thinking that it would be “easy” to pick up a job based on those credentials. Your messages helped me to realize that it would take more than just my “credentials” to get a job. I called your prayer line a few times and was able to connect with David who prayed with me over my concern in receiving full-time employment. I also stood in faith with the declarations of faith from your confession card. Within the past three weeks, I was offered employment with two companies. Wow, talk about a supernatural turnaround! I’ve accepted both offers – one full-time and the other part-time. I give glory to God for His faithfulness in opening the doors for me. Thank you for standing with me in faith and being a huge encouragement in my life!