God of everything

We were blessed with our third baby on the 8th of February 2021. While I was in hospital I rang terradez ministries prayer line because I was concerned about some things. The person who took my call not only prayed about those concerns but he said the Lord wants to bless the whole family and prayed for my other 2 kids and my husband who was searching for a new job at that time and myself. Oh the heart of our Lord and how we limit Him!! Today as I am sharing this testimony all my concerns have been taken care of. My baby and my other kids are perfect, my husband got a new job with better pay and we are all the more blessed!! Thank you Jesus. And I want to thank terradez ministries for being there for me when I needed. I highly appreciate the prayer ministers as it is great to have someone who share the faith and agree with the heart of God when you need it most. Thank you.