Tithes Work!

I attended your receiving/healing event at the Hope Center last night and today, March 12 & 13, 2021. Ashley spoke about tithing and mentioned there was someone regarding a $1500.00 donation in this group, and said he was looking forward to the testimony after the giving. I had been struggling on where to give this exact amount for about 1 month. Earlier in the day I had spoken about tithing this dollar amount with my friend. I decided to give it to your ministry today. I had already given a much smaller amount in cash the night before, but today filled out the form with my credit card number. When I arrived home tonight there was a $12,000 check from the investment firm of my retirement account. I had already received the balance, I thought, and rolled it over into another account. The money is all God’s anyway! What a surprise. God bless you both and the wonderful work you are doing for the kingdom. I also received prayer and healing for my back and sciatica!