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God’s answer and confirmation

During Friday April 10th programme, Carlie gave a word for someone who has a gift of teaching. I believe that word was for me, earlier that day I had been speaking to a friend encouraging them in God and the truths of God’s word that was on the inside were just coming out of me and I felt joy and fulfilled after that. This is something that happens occasionally when I have a chance to speak into someone and I enjoy it but as Carlie said in her word I can be timid and fearful so most of the time I suppress it even when there is an opportunity to speak. But that day I was asking God if He’s given me the gift of teaching or encouragement just an hour or so before Carlie spoke this word. I had not been watching the program from the beginning cos I didn’t know it was on but got to watching just before the word was given, I believe it was God’s timing. I didn’t feel any power or tingling that people claims they feel when they get a word from God but I chose to accept it by faith. Thank you so much for your ministry and for allowing God to use you. I’ve just started watching you guys not long ago and I have already been blessed tremendously and I became a partner. My first ever partnership. God bless you and continue to use you to reach the nations with His goodness and Thank you Jesus for your goodness.