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Stand up!

I just finished watching Power Hour live, and the Lord healed my thinking that kept leading me away from the Truth. I have believed the lie that women are in a second class set on the Ministry God Train. The lie that has been spoken to my heart has been “It is not your place to stand up!” During our prayer time together, Holy Spirit washed over my brain and all those lies were carried away in a river of love. I felt a boldness sweep over me and a peace settle over my entire body. The bit about “the disease had possession of him and held him down” was for me. I have felt a strangle hold on speaking the Truth in love to my family because of the lie “It is not your place to say anything” (it’s a redneck culture thing). Please hear my heart on this, I am not talking about going out and male bashing or denomination bashing. I am saying the Lord has freed me from the lies of the enemy, and I can and will speak the truth respectfully that there is a Living Word that brings life. God is still converting my heart from the dead religion I was practicing to a Living Relationship that is evidenced by living in His Power ( believing and seeing signs and wonders following the Word being spoken). Today, I will no longer be silence by that toothless lion. I will “rise up” and proclaim to anyone who will listen the Love the Lord has for them (even if they don’t listen I will still proclaim the Father’s Love. Thank You Lord for Your Love and the Truth that truly sets us free.