Healed of Debilitating Abdominal Adhesions

I was born with mal-rotated bowels on July 4, 1978. When I was only 3 days old I was projectile vomiting and I was flown from Lancaster County Pennsylvania to Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania. It was there I had exploratory surgery and the mal-rotation was found. My appendix were in the middle of my shoulder blades and were removed and they gave me a blood transfusion furring the oppression. In November of 1995, during my senior year of high school I was diagnosed with stage 4 liver, cirrhosis from hepatitis C (from the blood transfusion in 1978). My parents were given that gut punch line, “ your daughter, has 3 to 6 months to live“ I took experimental treatments at Johns Hopkins university for five years and got worse and worse. It was by gods grace I stayed alive and my mother’s faith who held onto Psalm 91. Back in the day we did not have all of the ministry such as yours or Andrew Womack, who we first learned about in 2008 as well as Joseph, Prince and Rick Renner. I was miraculously healed by Pat Robertson calling out my exact health issue. He called out my mom’s clothing color and even said what my mom was doing at the time he called out my healing. She fell to her knees, received my healing and I was healed instantly from that moment. I have documentation and test results to prove it. That February of the year 2000. HEALED! As if that was not enough of a treacherous life changing event, I dealt with the pain of the adhesions in my GI track since the operation in 1978 and two more abdominal surgeries in 1987. I’ve lost a lot of weight, my hair is thin and brittle, I have to take 20 laxatives a day to poop, I take reflux medication, no doctor can cure me. No surgery, no medication. They told me I have to “eat baby food and out of a can” the rest of my life or deal with the daily pain and keep overdosing on laxatives because they can’t help me. I was hospitalized many times over the years and as recently as April of 2020. At that time my bowel obstruction (from the scar tissue called adhesions) was so large my intestines were about to rupture BUT God! I again was healed with out surgery but it without an NG tube up my nose into my belly. More pain. Then in 6/14/2023 I went on YouTube to watch Denise Renner’s broadcast and I saw that Carllie was praying so I was like ok Holy Spirit. I’m done. I’m gonna ask Carlie to pray for me and no lie! AS I WAS TYPING my prayer request she had a word of knowledge (kinda like my healing from sweet Pat Robertson on the 700 club 23 year ago). She called out EXACTLY what I was requesting prayer from! I’m healed!!!! I’ve been passing gas all day long today (6/15) which I NEVER used to do! I always had blockages! I haven’t pooped yet but that will come…healing can take some time but I have been prepared for this for many years. I started listening to Andrews teachings in 2008 as well as Joseph Prince and Rick Renner. I took class at CBC online and went through the online classes at REHMA Bible College. So I knew the Word I just didn’t know God loved me enough to heal me. This was my last ditch effort of you will and He called me out and He healed me! I am so excited!!!! Adhesions and pain don’t have to control my eating, I don’t have to schedule my days around laxatives and I can fart/pass gas like a trucker now! I can’t wait for the full manifestation to take place. When I’m off of reflux pills that will be an awesome day! For now I praise God and will partner with Terradez Ministries to help spread Jesus’ love for us to the world and to teach others how much God, our heavenly daddy loves us! He loves me enough to heal my broken GI track and restore it to its normal state. He will do it for anyone who receives His love just like I did. Thank you so much Carlie! Love you all and if you need a video I can do that! I have quite a life story. More to it 😃