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Healings in jail

Dearest Carlie & Ashley,

My name is Criss and I met you a couple of times last year serving as a practicum at the Healing School at Woodland Park. (I doubt if you would remember me though) I just graduated 3rd year and am back home in Oklahoma.
The week after I got back I discovered through a friend that our jail only allows ministers to visit the prisoners. My friend’s friend was in jail and desperately needed help. I realized that I had credentials and could help. So to make a long beautiful story shorter God set me up to visit the jail and lead weekly Bible studies with the women. I have been teaching them Spirit, Soul, & Body and it has been a wonderful experience leading them to the truth of their true identity and to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues.
The reason I’m writing you is because I prayed over a few and some were healed and some were not. And since I buy your book, 39 Reasons Healing is Yours, in sets of 10, I decided that was perfect for these women. I sent it to each of them in the mail. The next visit was exciting! Everyone was so happy about your book.
Today, two weeks after they received the book, the one lady who had been a meth user and felt like she deserved to be sick was beaming. After meeting with her one on one, she told me she no longer has any pain. Your book helped her to understand that healing was hers through the Word of God despite her past. The combination of the truth found in Andrew Wommack’s book, Spirit, Soul, & Body, and 39 Reasons Healing is Yours healed Gloria and is changing the jail. Now they are even teaching each other as new women come in.
That jail resonates with hope and it is probably the most beautiful ministry I’ve even been a part of!!
Thank you both! I remember during the end of COVID when Ashley was talking during Power Hour, he told us you wouldn’t be there that day because you were writing a book on healing. So neat to remember that and now be using your book to help the desperate and forgotten women in the jail.
I thought you would like to know!
God bless you both!
God is so faithful,
Criss Roberts