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Financial miracle

Greetings in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ

So I was vehicle financed in Oct 2021, a brand new Mazda and I was also pregnant when I got my car,i was due for maternity in 4months time then. Everything was good and financially my husband and I were stable. Unfortunately Covid affected us financially, my husband’s hours at work were cut off and I couldn’t make extra allowance due to the heavy pregnancy, things began to fall apart to a point that we were evicted in our home, his car was repossessed and we needed to go back to our parent’s house to restructer, mean while our baby girl was born (2nd child) which was a great joy for us.

Unfortunately my car also began to fall on arreas and threats began flow which was scary cause it was the only transportation for work purposes and transport for school for our 1st child… To cut the long story short, I started praying more than usual and I started reading the Word of God daily. I got to hear about the Terradez Ministries through my sister and I never stopped following you since. Understanding now that Jesus paid the price for my freedom financially, I started confessing that in my life, confessing that I am debt free and my believing God for his provison.

Recently the banker need R20 000 immediately or they were taking my car. I believed God for a financial miracle and began to declared that, that amount to be paid before the deadline and I believed God and i stood by his Word.
On 3rd of July ’23 the very last day to pay for the car, when everything was not promising, i kept praising and thanking God for a miracle then late at night my sisters called and asked me for the banker’s account number and they paid it instantly(GOD CAME THROUGH..MY CAR IS STILL HERE… GLORY TO JESUS). I trust him for more and his best. Things a getting better financially in Jesus name.

Ps: I recently made partner with you and I must say the peace of God is upon me, I have started feeling a fresh breeze and I have joy in my heart. I have courage to speak boldly now by faith that everything is falling in place and im so happy because my husband got a promotion at work, he’s now a manager for the production department, Glory to Jesus.