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Healed of myasthenia gravis

My husband and I were on our feet, hands raised to Jesus in front of the telly, when Carly had a word of knowledge that God was healing someone with myasthenia gravis. That was me, and now after 35 years I am healed and symptom free. Praise God I’m so thankful.
Just so you know what the past 35yrs looked like for me…countless months of being unable to walk more than 20yrds, couldn’t stand up straight always hunched over, couldn’t smile, swallow, raise my arms….was managed on multiple medications, iv treatments, and one tablet I would take every few hours just to be able to function, however I was still hunched over. Now I’m off some of the meds, reducing them every day, I cancelled my iv treatments too. People are remarking on how well I look and how my back is now perfectly straight!! I have zero none absolutely no symptoms of myasthenia gravis now in my body glory to God.
He spoke to me today about fear too…fear of not taking medications in case it came back or got worse. Fear has now gone as well!!!!! I’m free thank you for your ministry