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God Healed me from Steph infection, I believe for a Miracle!

I noticed back in November these little pimple like things popping up on my body. It wasn’t until this huge one popped up on my finger. That I started seeking the Lord. And believing for healing speaking his word by his drops I’m healed. But I lack a little confidence until I know exactly what the name is. God answered me right before Christmas 2021. I was reminded of a person I knew that had steph. I went to the doctor and sure enough, It was. He gave me medicine, And it was resistant to it. Went back got more medicine and I broke out in hives All over the main part of my body. So then I had hives and staph. All the time I’m speaking the word of God over my body. The last time I went to the doctor he told me to go to the hospital there was nothing else he had to use except experimental drug. He prescribed the drug for me but I know the Lord said in my spirit not to take the pill. So I didn’t I went home knowing I was desperately needing a touch and a miracle from God. Cause at this time it had gotten bad in one of my legs and it gone into a muscle And was hurting. The doctor knowing that I could not take any antibiotics that were helpful, Thought that I should go to the hospital and get their antibiotics. I already knew and been praying and believing that I am not going to the hospital for anything in Jesus name…lol So I set my mind on God, And the things above on his word praising him believing for I am believing for a miracle. It was the evening after When the family went to sleep, Around Eleven, I got up and went to praising and seeking and just enjoying the presence of God. I was telling God I was trusting him and Knowing I can’t do this without him And thanking him for a miracle. Went to lay down after a hour of that while everybody was sleeping. I wasn’t sleeping and didn’t for days because of the hives that were on my body. The next day I went to take a nap. I really didn’t realize how bad I was cognitively I was kind of out of it and I was weak and nauseous. When I started down for a nap I saw a vision, I’ve this stone mean looking face in front of me. I automatically went in the spirit for a sword and cut it Off. I took it in the spirit and got the head and smashed it on the ground stomped on it and saw it go into gravel. I sought the Lord I said what was that. He said you defaced the enemy. I love that I believe that Meant the enemy had no power on me anymore. I love the word he said defaced, Because nowadays we facetime facetime everybody. And when we’re going through something very hard so often worth facetime in the enemy. And the best way to deface him is to praise God and believe him and use the word in Jesus name! I was nauseous and weak and I could hear the spirit and me saying I’m strong in the Lord and the power of his might. I’ve been learning to sing it comes out so much easier and it seems so much more powerful. So I song the word of God and of God and what the spirit was telling me. In A week or so I was back to normal and healthy. But a few weeks after that and hint again. Way Worse. I knew as alive on the enemy I continued to spend quality time with God praising him thanking him and speaking the word over my body. Within a month or less I was back on my feet. I only have scars left where places came up. But the Lord has told me I shall recover all. So they have to leave in Jesus name. I learned another thing during that. During the hardest times that I felt like I would go under. I would say through the tears I trust you Lord I trust you. Because I was always reminded this was a life-and-death battle. God brought me through staph, With the word of God praises and natural medicine. No antibiotics! In fact when I think about it I was taking steroids for the hives To go which suppressed your immune system. But nothing is too hard for God God brought me through. That is one of many things God has healed me but that for me was the most life threatening one. PRAISE and Glory to God!! I am noticing and God is speaking many wonderful wonderful word about the glory we are about to come in to. I’ve been seeing God’s favor, Like never before in abundance beyond my exceeding thoughts and prayers. And I feel like the Lord is saying I’m only scratching the Surface. For I want to be used by God to see many people healed delivered and set free and walk in set signs wonders and miracles for god’s glory.prause God!