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Restoration to my front porch an back deck at my house.

My front concrete porch. At my house. It has been there since the eighties, cracked an Collapsed! On Mother’s Day 2018. My back wood deck was rotting and became nearly dangerous to walk on. Then I noticed my front concrete porch was cracking, Then Mother’s Day It gave way in a big loud crash, In the middle. My home insurance covered nothing. Do not get farm bureau. So I prayed and believe God. That he would fix both of them somehow. I was a single grandmother raising 2 grandchildren and a son. But with God all things are possible. I started speaking the word overwhelm go to the front thank you Lord that with God all things are possible and I’m asking and believing for this to be fixed and paid for in Jesus name. And would do the same with the back porch. All the while my head is going I don’t know how this is going to get done. But it doesn’t matter the how what matters is the who. Because with God all things are possible. And he is for me not against me. I’ll I’ll tell this to around the same time me and my son were coming in agreement Matthew 1819, That God would give him 2 to $3000 to get a car. I was working I believe God wanted me to do which really was not making a whole lot of money. Which was taking gear to elderly. But he told me years ago that he was more interested in me having compassion for people than having finances. So I felt like then he would take care of the rest if I could believe him. Well it wasn’t too long after that a few months my brother came to visit. Stayed about a week. He knew nothing of what was going on at my house or my prayers. But while I was at work he got bored and taught my son how to fix the back porch. And he told him he wanted to give him $2000 to get a car, With no streams attached. Isn’t that awesome and magnificent God is so amazing if you will just reach out and believe Him. So the porch was done I had a new porch, It was safe again praise God.! Not too long after that I had 2 friends pitching a $1000 to help towards my $3500 porch that need to be fixed up front. I have nearly paid one friend back even though she said it was a gift. The other friend God-sent as a godly wonderful man that took on a grandmother raising grandchildren. In which my whole financial status went from turiving to thriving! God can do Anything you can believe him for. Pick out a scripture, Run with it speak it keep asking and believing praise him for it and see miracles that he uses with your mouth and his word what a powerful combination. He says that he exalts his word even above his powerful awesome name! Bless the name of Jesus he is for us. It wants us to live the abundant life! I believe if we look good we make Him look good…lol😁God Bless!