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10 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Every year I have a mri and they always come out fine. This year was different. They said I had a lymph node that looked bad so they wanted to ultrasound it. After that they said they needed to biopsy it. I am so grateful that I had been listening to Andrew Wommack and I watched past healing schools with Carlie and Daniel. I also read Carlie’s book, All is not Lost and I’m reading Barry Bennett’s book, He healed them all. I have began to understand more about healing. I began doing what they said and faith began to rise up in me. The day after my biopsy as I was going to bed I prayed. That night I had a dream and I saw my lymph node on a white piece of paper and next to it it said negative. I knew it was from God. I came to a place of rest. When fear would try to creep up inside of me I would say I choose to believe the report of the Lord and not the report of man. A few days later the radiologist called and said there was no cancer. The next day another doctor that ii never met or even heard of called and said no cancer. I went to my regular doctor appt and she told me no cancer. I thought it was funny that 3 doctors had to also agree with the report of the Lord.
I am so thankful for all the free materials that was available to me during this time.