Several months ago, the Terradez’s were visiting a nearby church Life Harvest Church in Verona Virginia. I cannot remember the exact date. It was on a Sunday evening. I went and they had a healing service. My right shoulder had been hurting and the night before, it hurt like a toothache. I prayed for that to be healed. i had hurt it years ago on my job. I was delivering mail, and I was walking, I tripped, and fell with my right shoulder completely under me. It has given me problems ever since. Well, that Sunday night, when we were praying for healing, a lady came over to me, put her hands on my back and spoke in tongues. Praise God, my right shoulder has not hurt since. Glory be to God. I thoroughly enjoyed the Terradez’s and their testimony. I am so thankful.. I go to Victory Worship Center, in Staunton, Virginia. They have healing classes that have just started for the fall, and I am taking them again. I took them last year and got so much out of those classes. I have been baptized in the Holy Spirit, but have not spoken in tongues. I cannot wait for that to happen. Thanks so much for listening. Deanna Broyles