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Rich with no sorrow

Glory to God, He gets all the honor. We just paid off our house this month. We are debt free. God gave me a new career In January and my yearly income has increased by more than 10 times. We are blessed to be a blessing. In addition, he used my husband to restore my relationship with my mom, something that’s been rocky for more than 20 years. We own a ranch, we had a great crop this year, it rained a ton on days it was supposed to, but we didn’t get any rain on the days we needed it not to rain. We will have 100% cow crop this year and all our calves lived. And I was believing God to help me buy a good horse and I got one given to me for free, on top of that I wanted a bay gelding. I got a Sorrell, but the awesome thing is, he has changed colors this fall and I have a bay. God is so good. Thank you Jesus.