Healing Testimony

I was watching Power Hour on May 27, 2020 with Carlie Terradez a couple hours after the actual live video. Carlie had a word of knowledge for head and neck pain related to pressure. It was connected to peace, and jaw pain. Then she started to pray about fatigue and blood flow. Lately I have been having what the doctors are saying is a migraine but to me it feels like pressure. I have a history of hydrocephalus corrected by surgery about 7 years ago. When I have the pain pressure it worries me. Also, I’ve been having lots of fatigue from an unknown origin. Then when I have prayed in tongues about fatigue I have known blood/blood flow issue. Even though my hemoglobin is normal. After Carlie prayed, I noticed a weight/heaviness leave, and I felt more peace in my body/mind. I was praising God for the results!