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Supernatural Seed and Supernatural Harvest

Dear Ashley and Carlie,

Like Paul says – I thank God when I think of you. I really do. I have been following Andrew Wommack ministries for quite a while. I am aware of your journey. I am aware of the famous “Piece of Cake for Jesus” statement.

I recently watched Ashley minister on God’s way of supernatural provision on AWMI Tuesday night Bible Study. While you were ministering the word, God spoke to me and instructed me to sow a financial seed into your ministry. At that point I didn’t have much in hand. While I was contemplating what I can sow. You mentioned “We always have something to sow, God makes provision for us in seed form.” As soon as you said that, God reminded me to check my investment I made a few weeks ago in crypto currency. To my amazement, that particular day my small investment has made a return of $73.10. The Lord told me to withdraw that profit and sow in to your ministry, which I did. Interesting thing, immediately the next day the price of my investment has gone down back to normal. God has supernatural caused the price of the investment to go up so He can provide a seed for me.

I took that miracle seed of $73.10, and planted in your ministry. Within 3 days I received a check in the mail for $1624. Praise Jesus, Hallelujah! Let tell you how that happened.

I recently moved out from an apartment to another place. I had to move in the middle of my lease due to some changes in Job and other things. I had to pay early termination fee to break out of the lease. Later they sent me a statement in mail asking to pay even more stating I did not provide a timely notice. I asked to check their records again which they did and confirm that it was a mistake. They said they will be sending a check for the balance of my security deposit after deducting final untility bills. (You know how it works!). I checked and double checked and triple checked all my bills and numbers. They should have sent me $60.12. But they sent me the early termination fee back and sent a new statement that said they are waiving the fee. God caused favor in their hearts for me. So instead of $60.12 they sent me $1624. Have you ever heard of land lords returning the rent money? I have not until now, but with God all things are possible. Praise the Lord!!

Lord provided a supernatural harvest within 3 days of me sowing seed in your ministry and the amazing thing is He even miraculously provided a seed so I could sow and reap his blessings. Of course, this did not happen just like that, Lord has been preparing my heart for more than a year specifically in the area of finances through ministries like yours and AWM. I want to thank you for sowing the Word of God into our lives.