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Overcoming Fear

Recently I had a small red pimple on my right breast. It had appeared one day but it wasn’t painful so I didn’t bother much with it.

During this Corona period I have been seeking God much more and He has been faithful. So one morning I rip the devil apart in prayer during my morning devition and I start my day feeling energised.

Somewhere during the day the dormant red pimple started aching! So much so, that I wouldn’t let my husband touch it. When I touched it myself, there was some swelling on the inside. I rebuked the pain and started believing for healing. The devil planted thoughts in my head about how that was cancer! And as you know, cancer has a fear attached to it. So I started rebuking the thought and continued praying for healing.

The next day I was watching Ashley and Carlie, I believe it was the episode where Carlie had had a dream that God was knocking on her bedroom door. That day she was fired up and she was praying a lot and the truth is the anointing was flowing through the screen. Mind you, this was a recorded message, I had missed the previous nights broadcast so I was rewatching it as I did dishes.

During prayer, I was rebuking cancer, pain etc. Then the Holy Spirit told me “it’s a pimple!” 😁😁😁 I started laughing and the fear left! The pain left soon after and the swelling which had been progressing subsided and now, only a small red mark is left. When I touch it, there is nothing beneath it!

Why I believe this is worth sharing is because:
1) It could have been cancer and because of the fear associated with it, I was told to view it as a pimple and the fear left and immediately healing took place.
2) The other option is that it was only a pimple but the devil tried to convince me that it was cancer and I succumbed to the fear until I was told the truth and the fear left. I believe it’s the second option.

I wrote this to show how much fear blinds us even when we believe our eyes are wide open.

God bless you all.