Healed of tummyache

This morning I had listened to a few sermons, I was busy reading some of Gloria Copeland’s healing confessions and confessing it over some of my friends, my family.
Suddenly I had awful cramps. I was considering having a painkiller and lying on the couch and then I decided to use my authority in Christ.
I thought to myself, I am seated with Christ in Heavenly places above Satan (this is what you’re teaching us) and I told the pain to go in Jesus Name. It went slowly. Then it came back. Again I rebuked the pain in Jesus Name. A 3rd time it came back and once again I took authority over the pain saying it has no right in my body in Jesus Name!
After a few minutes I realised I had NO pain!
I am part of Power Academy & I listen to Power Hour and it’s because of this that I realised I better start being pro active and put my faith to work!
Thank you Terradez Ministries!
Michelle Partington