In Alignment with God

I was nearly paralyzed in a snowboarding accident at the age of 20. My L2 vertebrae was fractured, with bone fragments nearly cutting my spinal cord. The medical staff said I might not be able to walk again, but I trusted in God and knew I would walk again. God didn’t cause the accident, but He used that moment to change the trajectory of my life. I realized how quickly life can change. My quiet introverted personality began to change. I needed to break out of my shell and live each day fully, with intention. The doctor performed a bone graft and vertebrae fusion, all kept in alignment with screws and titanium rods. I began to walk again, and God directed me down new pathways toward new career goals and relationships.

This weekend I attended my first Gospel Truth Conference in Orlando, Florida. It was such a blessing to see Andrew, Ashley, and Carlie in person giving powerful, inspired, words of truth from the Bible. During the healing session, Carlie started speaking to bones and I immediately felt the healing touch of God on my spine. Carlie proceeded to call out that the metal in those bones be disintegrated! God miraculously removed those metallic instruments in me, and my alignment is now made perfect by Him. I can now bend down and touch my toes with full range of motion! Praise God!!