Spending Time in the word

I want to start off by saying to whoever is reading this to allow the seed (God’s word) to take root and marinate in your heart. Spending time in the word and allowing God to teach me about His nature and who I am as a born again believer has really impacted my life. At the time when I first got saved in 7th grade, I didn’t really understand the purpose of staying in the word but I’m glad that I had my parents to motivate me to stay in the word. I’m glad that I did because I now have this boldness at 18 years old that I’ve never had before when I was younger. For a really long time I was always scared to share the truth with people or even to share the gospel infront of a congregation but I can now say that the fear of sharing God’s word is GONE. When you become a student of the word you will have no choice but to change and you will want to tell everyone about the goodness of God. I thank God for his boldness in my life and that He can be my confidence when I speak. And to anyone out there I want to encourage you to not neglect spending time with God because the fruits that will come out of your life will be rich. I want to thank Terredez Ministries and also Andrew Wommack Ministries for choosing to obey to God’s voice to not be silent about why His word says. Love you guys!