Love from our Father

You are PERFECT and LOVED.
The first testimony is, growing up in a rough neighborhood near Chicago and being the youngest of six to a woman that became a widow at 42 was far from a cake walk. Nevertheless, my Father always made sure I prospered and safe throughout my many trials and obstacles.
One time I would like to mention is similar to Todd White’s story, in that I was rescued along with three other people when numerous bullets came flying at us and the car we were driving. Thankfully, The Holy Spirit guided me to pray earnestly for help and as it turned out and to much of all of our surprise only one bullet hit that car and it was on the very bottom of the bumper furthest away from where I was seated.
The moral of the story is don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to CRY OUT to The Lord because He is MIGHTY TO SAVE and taking care of His Darling Baby Children is HIS DELIGHT. Sure they were smoking, jeering, and even at one point threatening me all the while planning how much their expenses would be after such an eventful evening. Boy oh boy they were surprised to say the least when they found out their were none.
Our Father is Awesome!!!
To top that all off, when ever I asked for help with any trouble or attack from the enemy, including pain, strange symptoms, or threats with illness for both me and my children He has always come through and RESCUED and HEALED us and usually instantaneously.
The latest, was after attending one of Carlie and Ashleys’ conferences and my menstrual cycle and metabolism was reset and is now how I always thought they should be. Thank you Father for IGNITING A HOLY FIRE in them and us to REMIND us of your COMPASSION so that we can share HOPE with the nation’s!!!