Set Free From Addiction

Praise God, brothers and sisters! I thank almighty God for saving me. For many years of my life, I did not follow Christ, but now I am saved and a child of God!

I was a circular hiphop artist and musician. I lived a reckless life, comprising of beef and hatred among fellow circular
musicians, mostly from our region in Uganda. I used drugs like marijuana, cigarettes, kuber, alcohol and marunji. I felt like I could not do without them, and was in fact addicted to them. Every evening I had to use drugs to at least high and hopefully feel better. All my friends used drugs as well, so I took them to feel included. Also, I would drink a lot before performance on stage to increase my confidence. For the same reason, I would drink or do drugs before giving a speech or talking in public.

I could not pray or even go to church. But throughout that time, I just stayed at the same level and did not prosper. In my search for increase, I even tried joining the illuminati for fame and wealth. I tried to contact some agents of devil worship. At times, others asked for me to pay them to connect me with fame. Everything failed!

Finally, I came to Jesus and accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour, and now everything has changed! I am now enjoying His joy and love. My entire life changed: I forgot the past, and I never even thought of drugs again! I am going to record a Gospel song soon. Before I was saved, I used to feel pain in my body after using some medicines. It would leave for a time, but always come back. However, the moment I confessed my sins to Jesus, He healed me completely! Now, whenever I pray, God answers me.

God is a merciful God! He forgives all sins if you confess. He loves us so much, and that’s why He sent His only begotten Son to die on the cross for our sins! My brothers and sisters, I know some of you may be having the same problems of drug addiction like me, feeling like you cannot do without the drugs, or feeling lonely, or hated. Come to Jesus! He will deliver you forever, and you will feel His joy and have peace in your life.