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Moving forward

My husband and I where felt we where to move from our home town, when we first got married. We have now been married 15years and finally did it. In November of 2019 we felt God tell us we had to move. We spent a month praying about it and didn’t tell anyone what we were thinking of doing. Our families had stopped us so many times before. After New Year 2020 we told them our move date was March 9 a Monday. We faced so much back and forth. We didn’t have money for the move. We didn’t have jobs. We didn’t have a place to live. But we pressed on. 2 weeks before we where to move I had a dream that once we crossed the Alberta border we would have freedom. We set to packing. I packed the whole house up in one week. So on Friday my husband’s truck sold and we got money. We set it aside for rent. On Sunday my parents came over and gave us a large cheque. On Friday we went and had coffee with dear friends of ours and they gave us a large cheque. We both cried. We had all the money we needed. We gave first and then Sunday we left ( to excited to sleep). We got to our place we wanted to move. We had an apartment in 26 hours after showing up in town. My husband had a job day 4. Praise God he was with us ever part of the way. We are so blessed.