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Storm survival

God has done so much for me my entire life. I was raised in a spirit filled church listening to Copeland. My grandparents started a church and had Jessie preach. I accepted Jesus at 8 and speaking in tongues at 11.
Grew up in Ruston LA. Challenges sure. Jesus was my best best friend!! He got me thru them.gtaduated Tech met my husband and moved to south LA. Had 2 lil girls then..
The Tssunami came. Had a full blown seizure in a hotel visiting family. I was terrified…felt I was going down black hole….i said Jesus. I’m not ready. He swept in like a. Flood of Love and forgiveness. He has talked to me my entire life but I never felt this before. Strongest emotions. I woke up in ambulance. All I Could do was speak in tongues.had no clue who I was or where. They said I was dehydrated. Went home had mri kept thanking Jesus for a great report..met with Dr later. He grabbed my hand. You have a brain tumor.
Shock..my girls.8 and 10….i can’t die…who will raise my girls..my husband needs me. its 4.5 cm prob not cancer. I sat in shock by myself. Jesus..why ..felt guilty. I was not perfect thats why.
Drank in college..thats why. Was not good enough Christian..
My brother called..
Barbie.you will beat this. Everything God has taught you.use it now.show your girls how to fight like a Christian. OK but I don’t want to..scared….Dr said.you could die,coma,not use this and that…or come out ok. I said I’m going to be ok..
God was with. Me every step..surgery.he got 100 % of tumor out.meenigioma. benign!!!!!
I was not at time able to use rt arm with out pain. Had partial seizure.migraines.slept alot.had 8 diff med to try. Allergic to all. 6 ER visits.9mris.3 neurologist.hyponatremia.
Back pain.could not sit(future testimony)
When I traveled to New orleans.could not dri e.lay down..my parents in north LA ignored me bc it was too hard to watch.
I was alone.isolated.scared.depessed.
I saw carlie….on Sarah Pearson’s YouTube. I listened to her story.i said wow. If Jeaus can heal her and get her off meds he can heal me too.
I started listening to Terradez ministry.
4 to 6 hrs a day. I could not watch but I could hear. I realized I knew lil abt healing. My grandmother received a brand new heart. She stood on Hagins teaching Mark 11:24.copeland prayed for her.
I never really thought….is it God’s will to heal????I thought. This is life.he gives you tools to suck it up. To die is to gain but no yall said.John 10;10!!! I had healing scriptures..101 all over house. I made a vision board.rejoice board.my girls spoke the word over me.only the word in this house!@
Hit the depression pit.im out.Thank you Jeaus.my arm is 90%better. I will be restored. Carlie said visualize. I was a cheerleader. I m use to seeing things over over. I visualize writting,brushing teeth eating brushing girls hair. I went and listened to J Savelle(love him) at Jeasie church. I just knew they were going to pray and I was going to be healed and whole. They did not lay hands. I said Lord.your my healer.
The most precious moment.
I’m crying in mri..its loud..im exhausted from 60 dr apt.. i pray Lord please get me thru thi….he interrupted me…BARBIE I LOVE YOU.
I wept….these last 20 months have been a whirlwind of every emotion!!! I have heard swords clashing at 2 am as I speak in tongues for fear to be gone. I have laid on. My kitchen floor crying unable to move. Yalls teaching helped me. Built me up. Taught me sooooo much.gave me hope. Encouraged me.yall were my best friends during that storm.i had no one during the day.my family lives up North my church friends moved away.WE HAD A NEW PASTOR that did not believe in praying in tongues. few ladies from church did pray. BLESS THEM.
I am so grateful for God’s grace!!
Grateful you two followed your path!!!
Dr said my arm was not going to get better. Well I said let’s not limit God. I’m at 90%.praise the Lord. Still on meds. I’m healing. My mri amazes my neuro my nervous system is lining up with word. one day the Dr will say let’s start weaning you off. One day my stem cell Dr will say yes your back is healed!! He’s a spirit filled Dr. I have a stem cell procedure coming up.Jesus DNA in my blood!!
The future is bright.
Jeremiah 30:17
I will be restored!!!!
Thank you Both!!!your ministry has changed my life. Love you both and praying n g God blesses yall as much as yall have blessed me. Barbie Nations Tyler