Partnership Testimony – Business exploding – generating 10k + a month in revenue.

I started tithing faithfully to my church back in October 2020. I’ve tried tithing before in the past but I got a revelation on giving and tithing from the heart and to do it as a lifestyle honoring God.

I felt led to step out in faith and to give above my tithe and partner with Terradez Ministry faithfully. I started with giving $20 a month back in December. I didnt have a lot of money back then but I decided to trust God and to give because I believe in the vision of the ministry and I love their teachings and videos.

I own a small web design business and business was tough during Covid. I had my worst year ever in 2020 and I had a hard time selling websites and marketing.

When I started to tithe and give, I noticed small increases in revenue. I started to get old clients calling me and paying off hosting/Maintenance debts that they owed. I started getting calls from referrals and I closed huge website & SEO deals and I started generating a ton of revenue. As I increased in sales, I decided to give more. Long story short, it has been 6 months since I started partnering with Terradez Ministries and I am now making over $10,000+ a month and I just upped my pledge to $250 a month.

God is faithful to his word. When we give, we receive an abundant harvest and God can bless the work of your hands and give you favor to get money to you. One of my biggest joys is to give more while I increase. I tithe, give to several Ministries a month, pay my bills and utilities and I still have a chunk of cash in my bank account to enjoy the fruits of my labor. And I believe that I’ve only tasted a spec of what’s to come..

God bless this ministry. I encourage all to give to this ministry and to watch God multiply your finances like he’s doing to mine!