Relationship Testimony

I am so incredibly grateful, thankful for this ministry, partnership, your encouragement. I am honored to be a partner of Andrew Wommack Ministries, where I saw your testimony and your YouTube Videos of teachings from Healing School at Charis Bible College. While I was working from home last year. I found Terradez Ministries on YouTube in April 2020, with your daily teatime with Terradez. I began to tune in daily and I knew that your ministry was something special.
Then, I began to receive supernatural healing. Carlie would pray in the spirit at the end of each broadcast for healing. Carlie would be praying for healing. My back was a little sore one time. Then Carlie would speak in tongues and change the healing request to bring up specifically what I was believing healing for my back. This is God because I only was viewing on Youtube and did not type in that request.
A week later, Carlie was praying for healing for someone else. My esophagus was sour. Within 2 minutes, Carlie spoke in tongues to change the healing topic to reveal esophagus healing. This is all God because I did not submit a request and it happened within a couple of minutes.
A few days later this happened again with another healing. I missed the earlier part of the broadcast and happen to tune in at the end of the broadcast and it would happen again. Carlie would speak in tongues then the holy spirit would reveal to her what I was believing healing for. Praise God this occurred about 9 times. I knew that I was supernaturally connected to your ministry. I have shared your ministry with family and friends.
You both in your couple’s ministry are so inspirational and has forever changed my life. Your love for each other, your amazing family and God’s precious people flowed through this broadcast. Ashley you would talk about partnership. God put it on my heart that Terradez ministries is sewing into good ground. God had put it on my heart to partner with Terradez ministries because it is good soil. However, I admit to being distracted and did not follow through in the beginning. One of my biggest desires of my heart that is not fulfilled yet is to get married and have a family. As I saw you minister as a couple who I would aspire to be like. As husband and wife, you both share God’s love, grace and freedom in a way that impacts people. Little did I know that I would be connected again. On May 22, I tuned into the broadcast with Josh, Carlie and Ashley…Here is the Youtube link for the broadcast and timing… at 1 hour 23 minutes 24 seconds
Carlie you prophesied for me…God wants to give you the desires of your heart. God’s timing is meeting the preparations of your heart. I have heard the desires of your heart. And I want to give you the desires of your heart more than you do. Trust me for the timing. Trust me for the timing in meeting the preparations of your heart.
Before May 22, I was thinking that I was in a season of harvest when I was really in a season of preparation. Carlie you have given me a renewed strength for the prophetic word for timing. You see I am over 30 now and most of my friends and family are married. I am 35 and never have been married. Over the past few years, Jesus has healed me physically, emotionally and spiritually by his stripes I was healed Isaiah 53.5. Jesus has given me a God size vision on my heart for a family ministry to bless my other people. This got my attention, and I was so blessed that I began partnership with Terradez ministries.
Ashley then you prophesied…The scripture where you need to have a job, preparing saving for a wedding and praying for my wife. You used the example, how your daughter and how you need to save for engagement and wedding. For preparing, I realized that I was not prepared for that season. Jesus has put it on my heart to start saving for dating, engagement and my future wedding. He led me to sew a seed and believe for provision for dating, engagement ring, wedding and honeymoon. Praise Jesus after a few months God had provided for more than enough for the future season inspired through Phil 4:19.
For the job, Jesus has blessed me with an awesome job testimony that involved a lot of traveling. This would not work well for raising a family. God led me to believe for a position that involves a lot less traveling. Praise God that he brought me more opportunity with the position to involve far less travel, perfect for raising a family. I also started praying for my future spouse.
Can you please have Ashley and Carley see this and pray for me for this Jesus size vision of having a wife, kids and a family that would glorify him? I am believing for a family, my wife and kids will carry out the biblical promises of Luke 4:18…The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed. Much Love!

Joseph Bindas