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Postpartum Healing- Hormone Imbalance

Carlie was doing Power Hour on 11/11 and I wrote in on YouTube chat about needing postpartum healing. I had a compilated birth that ended in CSection, and that did not go like CSection should there was complications. I have been struggling for 10 months with hormone imbalances, with manifested in many different ways from inability to sleep even when I was exhausted, to depression, to rage, to discouragement, serious weight gain, (I weigh more now then when I was pregnant) the list continues. Anyways Carlie started ministering to me and immediately I felt a warmth form my head to my feet and I could feel all fuzziness leaving me. Praise God! I stood up off the ground and I felt a strength in my body, Clear vision and strength in my thinking. I was healed completely. I felt my back align as I started walking, I felt my head align as I look at objects far away from me (they were in focus! and not fuzzy) and I felt the unease and discomfort of something being ‘off’ taken clean away. Praise God!