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Skin fungus testimony

I had just finished listening to the audio teachings, “healed and whole”, and “manifesting miracles”, and I had been baptized in the Holy Spirit a month or so before, when I saw that my daughter had ringworm (a fungus), and we had a previous bad experience with ringworm on our kids the summer before, and the medicated ointment we tried was ineffective, so they basically had this problem all summer long. My first thought was, great, here we go again. My second thought was, hang on a second, I have authority over this! So I spoke to the skin fungus, and spoke death to it, at its root, and life to every skin cell. The next day, there was no visible difference, but I just thanked the Lord that healing was happening in her skin, even though I couldn’t see it yet. The second day, I could see that it was fading, and it disappeared pretty quickly over the following days! Thank-you Lord, for your power released through my words.