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Ressurection Life

After hearing Carlie speak at Healing is Here 2021 about having ‘goldfish resurrection power’ I had an opportunity to put that into action myself. I rescued a very sick kitten 5 days ago, nearly blind in one eye, the other completely swollen both due to infection, mites, fleas, malnourished, etc. Of course got him treatment at the vet but then just continued to care for him over the next few days. A couple of days ago he got hurt, cried out in pain, and then went stiff and started breathing shallow. I scooped him up and got some righteous anger going. I thought of Carlie’s testimony with the fish. I commanded the resurrection life in me to flow into him and said ‘and while we’re at it, I command your eyes to see, perfectly in both!’ I sat him back down and called him to me. He got up and walked fine! Last night his eyes are clearing! He is playing like a normal active kitten. So cool. Praise God!