Salvation on Facebook

Sometimes staying up until 3 AM looking at funny dog pictures on Facebook is a good thing! Be encouraged as you read this string of comments as Patrick is ministered to and receives Jesus as his personal savior through Facebook ministry! – Terradez Ministries Team

Patrick Nyende – Am not born again Christian but I have alot of admiration for the way you honestly talk about God and Jesus

Carlie Terradez – Patrick anything we can help you with let us know. I love telling people about Jesus because He is my best friend, He is real. I love to introduce you to Him.

Patrick Nyende – Will God accept coz I have a bias towards the way people preach in Uganda And I have no hope of traveling anywhere

Patrick Nyende – Keep talking to about God. I have always wanted a genuine person to talk to about my life

Carlie Terradez – Ministries Patrick God loves you and He wants so much to be a part of your life, to be with you always and spend eternity with you in heaven. He has forgiven you already of everything you ever did wrong and He loves you just as you are. If you want to know Him just ask Him to come live in your heart and guide your life. He already has accepted you, and is longing for you to accept Him.

Patrick Nyende – Thanks for the soothing words but I have a lot of bitterness in my heart and alot of troubles.
Pray for me please.

Carlie Terradez – Patrick Nyende Jesus can heal your heart if you will let him

Patrick Nyende – I don’t know how because I don’t know how to pretend.

Carlie Terradez – Patrick Nyende faith in God is not about pretending, it’s a relationship. God has helped me through all my troubles, healed my body and my heart from hurt- and all I did was say Jesus I need your help.

Patrick Nyende – That’s what I need. But can I accept Jesus without going to church

Carlie Terradez – Patrick Nyende yes! Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian, relationship with God and asking Jesus into your heart is what saves us. Patrick if you want to accept Jesus and know that you can be safe with Him forever just say these words out loud…See More

Patrick Nyende – Carlie Terradez I accept Jesus into my life and want him to lead and guide my life

Suzanne Rhatigan – Patrick, That is wonderful! So, happy for you!

Patrick Nyende – Suzanne pray for me so that what am going through doesn’t halt my Faith
Otherwise keep together with me

Carlie Terradez – Ministries Patrick Nyende that’s the best decision you will ever make🎉 congratulations! Welcome to the family! We want to support you in your new life with Jesus- email us [email protected] and we would love to send you some resources🎉🎉🎉

Karen Prior – Patrick Nyende you are born again whether you feel it or not. You received the Lord by faith. You can trust in Him, who is faithful. Keep talking to Him, praying and asking for guidance, and watching Carlie and Ashley minister. You are a part of God’s kingdom; set apart and sanctified by His blood. Welcome to God’s family!

Ruthie Olivia – Patrick Nyende Welcome to the family, Patrick! Best decision you have ever made!

Patrick Nyende – Ruthie Olivia I have alot challenges but I pray all goes well with the decisions and life after a big decision. Otherwise keep encouraging me

Carlie Terradez – Patrick Nyende we are all here praying for you!

Patrick Nyende – I have all the confidence in you and grateful to the family.
When I invite you home please accept.
I have sent the email as requested

Carlie Terradez – Ministries Patrick Nyende Awesome I will look out for it

Ruthie Olivia – Patrick Nyende It will! John 10:10, Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 91!

Patrick Nyende – Oh thanks Ruthie. To be honest av not been believing in the Bible but I will start slow when I get one.