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Healing is a piece of cake for Jesus

I just saw the lady in Baltimore and it reminded me of the expression you used in Hannah’s testimony that healing is a piece of cake for Jesus….

my 12 year old twisted her knee at home a month or 2 ago and couldn’t walk. She hopped in to my bedroom to tell me and my immediate response was “well that’s a piece of cake for Jesus, can I pray for you?”

I sat her down on the bed and placed my hand on her knee. I didn’t pray or rebuke the pain I just started to talk to her and thank her for helping me out with the housework that day…something she hates, naturally. Her heart softened and she received the praise. God had been teaching me about His love and how powerful it is to minister through that. My daughter and I had a beautiful calm conversation for maybe just 30 seconds but the love of God was so tangible and peaceful in that time that as I finished talking I simply asked her “How is your knee?” All the pain had completely left and she stood up and went off to play again!

I remembered Mark 16 saying lay hands on the sick and they shall recover and without me needing to say anything, I believe God healed her through touch and his love alone being able to flow. It was a powerful lesson for me but I wanted to encourage you with this story because it was triggered by hearing yours about healing being “a piece of cake”

Bless you both
Aimee Petrucci