Shoulder and Collar Bone Healed

Your last healing school at Charis in November of last year… at 13 I dislocated my shoulders in a snow skiing accident and was never able to throw overhand again… The right shoulder has been dislocated over 15x and in 2010 I shattered my collarbone into 4 peices in a violent dirt bike crash… They ran a 10inch bolt thru that shoulder to hold collar bone pieces and removed it 3 months later… Every year since then I have lived in pain and every year it progressively got worse… Pain from back of ear to tailbone daily with a pain level ranging from 1.5 to 8 … I just lived with it and enjoyed the days it was a 1.5

When I came to Charis and started learning the teachings and the chains started falling off,, I would experience a day here and there of relief… A fellow friend and student even prayed for me and I experienced 10 days of relief but lost that also… I was in Delron Shirley’s class when Revelation came through the ceiling like a cement truck… I carried that revelation into healing school that day… At the end Carlie you had us all stand and pray in tongues… You called out several things and then you said someone here has a shoulder problem,, they’ve never been able to throw overhand since a child,, I raised my hand and you declared healing in Jesus name,, it popped and got warm,, and the Holy Spirit convicted me rite there,,, It’s done,, it’s healed ,, no more pain !!

I got up the next morning pain free for the first time in 8yrs,, went into my yard and threw rocks overhand for the first time since I was 13… That was November and satan came to steal that healing at least a half dozen times but I have rebuked him and still live pain free and still throw overhand !!!! Thank you JESUS and thank you Carlie for allowing God to work through You