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In part 7 of How to Attack Lack, Ashley and Carlie continue to explain the power of financial giving and the difference it can make in your life.


Announcer: Why live a normal life when you could be living the abundant life? Welcome to the Abundant Life Program with Ashley and Carlie Terradez.

Ashley: Hello, and welcome to Abundant Life. We’re so glad you joined us today. We’ve got a great program for you. We’re talking about the power of giving. We’re talking about attacking lack in your life. We’re talking about receiving God’s prosperity in your finances, and we’re up to giving at the moment. We’re up to the point of giving and how powerful giving is and what difference giving makes in our life. Praise God.

So you don’t want to miss any of this. We’re about halfway through this series and it’s exciting because you know what, God’s got good things for you. God’s will for you is to prosper. God’s paid for your prosperity, God’s paid for your provision. Praise God. And what we need to do now is receive it, believe it and receive it. And we’re talked about some practical things we can do to receive God’s provision.

And it all happened at the cross in second Corinthians 8:9. It says that Jesus, while he was rich, he became poor for our sakes that us through his poverty might become rich. And that’s a financial verse if you study that out in context. So just like Jesus paid for our righteousness, paid for our salvation. Second Corinthians 5:21, he became sin so we could become righteous.

And just like he paid for our healing, first Peter 2:24, he took stripes on his back so that we could be healed. He also took our poverty to the cross and dealt with that and defeated that. And now we take his provision and his abundance, his prosperity, praise God. And that’s the truth. That’s the gospel truth. And it’s exciting because part of living the abundant life, is having enough and extra.

It’s having all sufficiency that needs met and also having extra to be able to give and help other people and show people God’s love through giving to them financially. So we’re talking about receiving your financial prosperity, your financial provision from the Lord. And it’s powerful because when you realize this, it opens up so many avenues, it can really change. Ultimately could change your life. It’s really-

Carlie: Change your family tree.

Ashley: Amen. It’s really changed our lives because we’ve been able to do things. Not that we’ve arrived. My friend, Andrew Wommack says, “I haven’t arrived, but I’ve left.” And that’s how I feel sometimes. I’ve just about left in this area.

Carlie: We’re going the right direction.

Ashley: We’re going the right direction. We are 100% debt free. We’ve paid our house off. We paid everything off. We’re debt-free, we’re able to run Terradez ministries, both of us full-time, we’re taking very little expenses from the ministry, putting all the money back into the ministry, back in to serving people and to reaching people. So it’s a great place to be. And I’m telling you, God wants you to live in a position of prosperity.

God wants you to live in his abundant provision, not just Get By Street. He wants you to live on Abundance Avenue. Amen. That’s his will for you. And we’re going to show you some practical things to help you receive that. Grace he provides it, but now by faith, we can reach out and receive it. And here’s some practical things. In previous shows, we’ve already looked at the work of your hand, putting your hand to something. 100 fold of zero is zero.

So unless you give God something to work with, he’s not going to be able to increase the work of your hands. He wants to bless the work of your hands and everything you put your hands to will prosper. But you have to put your hand to something. So what are you putting your hand to? Are you seeking work? Are you starting a small business on the side? Have you got things you can put your hand to that that God can bless?

The second thing we looked, the main thing we looked at was our stewardship. Are you stewarding what you’ve already got? And this is one you know, it’s throughout the gospels as Jesus talks parable about stewardship. And until your faith with what you’ve got, you’re not going to be given more. And it can be a tough lesson to learn, but you know what? If you’re spending everything that’s coming into you. If all of the money that’s coming to you, you’re just consuming everything and you haven’t got anything left over.

Or worse yet, you’re spending more than you make. And I know a lot of people live here, so this is no condemnation. This has got nothing to do with how much God loves you. God loves you. He’s made up his mind about you. This has got to do with how much you can receive from God. And if you’re spend the more than you make and get into consumer debt, I said this, maybe you’re buying things you don’t need with money you haven’t got to impress people you don’t know, if you’re doing that, then you need to think about that.

You need to ask God’s help in that situation and ask God to help you steward your finances. And actually it’s amazing when you do that, how God will get involved and help you with that. And I’ve seen so many people when they start to steward their finances, they start to think about their finances, they start to lead their finances instead of their finances leading them, it’s amazing how it starts to turn around and they start to have extra.

And the third thing we’re looking at is you’re giving. Giving is so powerful. It’s so important. And we’re talking about having the right attitude towards giving, we’re talking about how God is the biggest giver and you know what? I used to worry about giving. I was a boy scout growing up. So I was a boy scout. And the only time I went to church as a child was from my boy Scouts.

And I go to the boy Scouts and they’d hand round a collection plate. And I used to be worried about that. In fact, we used to go to different churches. Once a month, we used to go to church in the boy Scouts.

Carlie: To do the flag sermons.

Ashley: To do the flag sermons, and we go to different churches and some churches have a plate. I was young. I don’t know. Maybe I was 10 or 12 years old. And my pocket money was a big deal. I didn’t want to give any of my money away. I wanted to keep it myself. So I come up with different ways of dodging the offerings.

Carlie: You’re a collection dodger.

Ashley: I was a collection dodger. I was an offering dodger. So when the plate come round, if it was just a flat plate with coins, the church of England in England, it was a flat plate, a metal flat plate with coins on it. People used to give coins. I used to hold my hand out. Like it was a handful of coins and just flick the plate. When you flick the plate, it made the-

Carlie: Made the noise [crosstalk].

Ashley: … splashing noise of the coins, nothing going.

Carlie: Genius.

Ashley: And then if it was a bucket, sometimes they’d have a bucket, I’d use one of my like polo mint, extra strong mint like that and throw that in the bucket.

Carlie: [crosstalk] or something.

Ashley: Well, that was the pouch. If there was a pouch, they used to have the pouch. I used to hit it with my knee and I used to make the little and then go on. So, I was going to say I wasn’t a cheerful giver, but I wasn’t even a giver.

Carlie: It wasn’t really a giver.

Ashley: I was a cheerful non-giver because I just think I beat the system.

Carlie: Well, isn’t it interesting. We were laughing about this, but we’ve been through lots of it. We’ve always been to our local church and grew up growing up in England, there’s really not often a whole lot of times that you hear money talked about. I think more so, people talk about the power of giving more freely in America, but especially in England, I don’t know whether it’s part of a culture or just culture of the church.

There isn’t a whole lot of teaching about giving. And I think when you don’t really understand the power of something like you haven’t really received any teaching, you have no knowledge of it, you can’t be excited about doing it because you don’t understand the power of it. You might have only been 10 years old and a boy scout, but no one ever taught you about the power of giving and the blessing is to give. And so if we don’t know that, then we’re just going to have the misconception that God’s just trying to squeeze me. And he’s trying to nickel and dime me to get the money from me.

Ashley: He’s trying to take my money from me. That’s one of the things I used to believe. Even as kids, kids can actually get a revelation on giving. I was just thinking the other day was in Dallas, Texas. And these three kids in Dallas, Texas came up to me with their little envelopes, with their little amount of money in each one, just a few dollars in each one and their stories of how they’d made money.

One of them had bred their cat, and sold the kittens. And one of them had made these fancy wooden jewelry boxes and sold them. And then they came to give me the first like an offering of what they’d done. And I’ll tell you what, it moved me to tears the kids.

Carlie: It was very sweet.

Ashley: They’d read my book and they’d listen to my teachings. And these kids were probably from six to 12 years old, somewhere around there. And so they had an understanding of giving. And their mom told me, “They’ve been dying to meet you, to give to you. They’ve been really looking forward to meet you, to give you this money.”

Carlie: It’s a cheerful giver.

Ashley: So they were cheerfully giving. They came excited about giving. Two dollars to a ten-year-old is a big deal, but they were happy to give it to me. So you can have a revelation on giving, whatever age you are, whatever your experiences previously, you know what? You can understand the power of giving. You can be a cheerful giver. And what we looked at last time was that God is the biggest giver. God’s very nature is the giver.

God is love, God is good, and God is generous. And that’s part of his nature. So if he’s a giver, if he’s generous by nature, he can’t be a taker and he doesn’t want to take from you. The reason why God asks you to give is because he’s trying to get something better or something more to you. So God’s not a taker. I used to worry about God taking my money. God’s not trying to take your money. We’re given it to him and he can multiply it back to us and increases. Praise God.

So God is the biggest giver and givers don’t like to be out given. So if you give to God, I’m telling you, he doesn’t like to be out of given. So he’s going to give back to you, press down, shaken together, running over. You’re going to get more back. The second thing we’ll look at is about God and about giving is, you know what, giving, let me find it here to make sure I get the right one.

The first thing is, God doesn’t need our money. So this is very interesting. A lot of times people say, “Well, you’ve got to give because this ministry is going to go under, or this TV station’s going to go under, or this church is going to go under,” and anything else. And that’s given sometimes it could be a manipulative given. It can be saying, if you don’t give to this, this isn’t going to work out.

One of our favorite ministries, my favorite ministry, Andrew Wommack Ministries and Andrew Wommack, we went to his Bible school and great respect for Andrew. If you don’t know Andrew Wommack Ministries, go to his website, awmi.net and check out his teaching. One of the best teachers in the body of Christ at the moment. And I’m telling you, when he stood up to take up an offering, I was blown away because he said, “You know what?”

He said, “If you don’t give to me, I’ll be fine.” And I thought, “Oh no, Andrew, you’ve just killed the offer. No one’s going to give to you now.” But the reverse happened because he’s not trusting … God is his source. He’s not trusting the people. And what happens is if people get focused on trying to get money from the people just to survive, then the emphasis is in the wrong place.

Andrew is very competent. He stands up and says, “You get to give if you want to give and it’s for you’re own good.” Paul put it this way. The Apostle Paul, I believe it’s Ephesians, so either Ephesians or Philippians, one of the two, 4:17. I think it’s Philippians 4:17. Philippians 4:17 says, “Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that have bounced your account.” So Paul was saying, when he took up an offering, I’m not seeking the gift. I’m not seeking the money for myself, but I’m more seeking the fruit that a bounced your account.

Because giving is more about the giver than the receiver. And that’s why God asked us to give. God doesn’t need our money. In case you’ve realized, God doesn’t even have money in heaven. He doesn’t even use money. But here’s some great verses about how God doesn’t need our money. In Psalms 24, verse one, this is Psalms 24, verse one. It says, “The earth is the Lord’s and all the fullness there of, the world and all those who dwell in it.”

So, we’re talking about God, we’re talking about giving. We’re talking about God doesn’t need your money directly. God doesn’t ask us to give because he needs our money. He hasn’t gotten any needs. Deuteronomy 10:14 says a very similar thing. And then Psalm 50 verse 10. This is Psalm 50 verse 10 says, “Every beast of the forest is mine. And the cattle on 1000 hills.” God owns everything ultimately. God doesn’t need anything from us.

Anything we’re given him, he owns it anyway already. So God doesn’t need our money. And this is a first Corinthians 6:19-20. It says, “Do you not know that your body is a temple for the holy spirit, who is in you and whom you have from God and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price, therefore glorify God in your body and your spirit, which are God’s.” So, we’re not even our own.

God’s paid for us. God’s bought us, everything belongs to God and ultimately, God doesn’t need our money. So to think that God needs our money, he’s in heaven needing our money is a wrong perception. God doesn’t need our money. Amen. The second thing is, God doesn’t have any needs. He’s not like he’s got needs. Some people talk about God needs this. God needs that. God hasn’t got any needs.

It says in Psalm 50 verse 12, this is Psalm 50 verse 12. God says here, maybe a little sarcastic. He says, “If I were hungry, would I tell you? For the world is mine and all the fullness thereof.” So God say, if he did have a need, if I did have a need, I wouldn’t tell you because I’m God. And you’re not basically, is what he’s saying. So, we need to get out of this idea that God needs something from us.

And I’m going to balance this out in a minute because there’s kingdom needs and there is needs of ministries and things like that. But God is as God he’s self-sufficient, self-sustaining, he’s-

Carlie: Omnipotent?

Ashley: Omnipotent. Thank you. He has no needs. He knows everything. He’s everywhere. So he’s the beginning and the end. He doesn’t need our money. So really it’s not about him receiving from us. It’s about him getting more to us. It like when God says, “If you give me something, I’m going to give it back to you. The whole idea of you giving an offering to me is that so I can get more to you.”

Carlie: Yeah. And this is a great scripture that goes along with that. This is in Proverbs 11:25. It says, “The generous soul will be made rich and he who waters will also be watered himself.” So in other words, if we get more concerned about who we’re watering and how we’re watering, we’re going to get water ourselves. As we give, there’s going to be plenty for us too.

Ashley: Amen. I remember a church, Carrie’s Christian Center here in Colorado Springs. They were in their building and the Pastor Lawson Perdue stood up on stage and he said, “We’ve only got one mortgage payment to make on this church building. Then we’ll be debt free as a church.” And I remember standing there on the front row and I remember thinking, “I’d like to be debt-free.” At the time, we still had a mortgage. We had a couple of mortgages actually on our houses.

And I was thinking, “I’d like to be debt-free.” And I stood there on the front row and I felt the Lord say, “Well, you can’t be debt free. You haven’t got enough money to pay your house off, but you’ve got enough money to pay the church last payment on the church. You can make the church debt-free.” So this exciting. So when the pastor came off the stage, I said, “Pastor,” I said, “I’d like to make the last payment on this church.” And he said-

Carlie: We didn’t know how much it was.

Ashley: Exactly. He says, “Well, come back and see me Monday.” So I went to see him Monday. And when I went home Sunday, I realized I didn’t ask him how much it was. I was like, “What if he’s $20,000? What am I going to do? I’m going to have to get a second job. I’m going to … What am I doing?”

Carlie: Sell a car.

Ashley: I’ve already given my word. So I went to see in the next day and first, he didn’t want to take our money. He was like, “No, no, you don’t have to do … I would only take your money.” But I said, “No, don’t rob me of the blessing. I feel God’s prompted me to do this. I want to make the church debt-free. Don’t rob me the blessing.” So he said, “It’s $3,300.” So that was a sacrifice for us. That was a big deal for us, but was able to do it.

So we wrote the check for $3,300. And we weren’t giving to get, we gave because we loved God. We loved our church, and we wanted to be generous. We felt the holy spirit prompt us to give that. This is on top of the tithe. This is just an offering. And as I gave the check, Pastor Lawson prophesied over me. He said, “God’s going to give you a house for $330,000 supernaturally.”

And I thought, “Well, I receive that.” Now I’ve got to be honest. I was thinking the next day, someone’s just going to walk up to me and give me a title to a house say, “There’s a house for you-

Carlie: That would have been nice.

Ashley: … free of charge, free on your $330,000.” It didn’t work out that way. But what did happen in the few years after that was we purchased a house in Colorado Springs and then a few years after that, so probably about three or four years later, through a supernatural occurrence. I don’t want to go into it here because we’ll take the whole lesson. But basically, God sent someone from the other side of the world to fly across to Colorado who’d never heard of the conference was that never heard of me or anyone.

Carlie: Is what we call a divine appointment.

Ashley: 100% divine appointment. And this person was from our hometown in England. And anyway, bought a house from us. It’s a long story, but it’s totally supernatural and you couldn’t make it up. It was so supernatural. I was like, when I met this person, I was just blown away. I was like, “This is so God.” And anyway, cut long story short. Our house was supernaturally paid off. So our house in Colorado Springs was completely paid off, paid the mortgage off.

And it was valued at the time 330,000. Now it’s about 350, 360,000, but it was valued at 330,000 and God supernaturally paid it off. Now we wasn’t giving to get this. This is the balance. So you got to be careful. People say, “We should give into …” in fact, we’ve tried it the other way. We do manipulate the system.

Carlie: It doesn’t work.

Ashley: We’ve tried to manipulate the system. And one time I was living in this house and I tried to sow a seed and I was calling this seed, this seed is my house seed. And I knew deep down, I’m trying to manipulate the system because if your first thought is what you can get-

Carlie: You missed it.

Ashley: … then you’ve probably missed it because you’re given to get rather than getting to give. So I was given so I could get something. So, that didn’t work out. But in this instance, God told me, God prompted me to give this money. And it was my choice. I didn’t have to. But God to say, “Do you want to do this?” And I was like, “Yes.” So God was prompting me to do this. And guess what happened? We didn’t lose $3,300. We didn’t give $3,300 and that was it. It was gone, it was just gone.

No. What happened is we gave that $3,300 to the Lord and he blessed us back and he gave us a house supernaturally that now we own outright for 330,000. So God’s trying to get more to you. He’s trying to get stuff to you. And I’m telling you, it doesn’t always work out that it’s a 10 fold return or 100 fold return. But ultimately when you give, God’s going to give back to you and it’s amazing how this works out.

And if you ever doubt this, so one thing that God just proved me on this and he talks about this in Malachi, you know what approve me on this.” And I’ll show you that I’ll open up the windows of heaven and bless you.” So I’m telling you, when you give, it’s amazing, it opens up doors for God to bless you. And basically you’re giving God permission to bless you.

Carlie: Yeah. You’re enabling. We read this before in second Corinthians nine, seven, and eight. I think it says that God loves a cheerful giver. And when we give out of a cheerful heart and not out of necessity, and God is able to make all grace abound towards that we might have an abundance for every good work. So when we give, it opens up the doors for God, his grace to abound in the area of provision in our life.

One year, we kind of started the year like this and we’ve done this ever since, but in January, we like to set goals for the year, personally, for our family, and also for ministry of the business, wherever you’re involved in. But one year, we just had this thought. We plan our goals for the full year. Why don’t we plan our giving? How much, but we sit on our beds and like, “How much do you want to give away this year?” Just think about this.

Maybe you’ve got missionaries that you want to give to, or your church that you want to give to, or individuals or certain projects, whatever it is, but how much can you believe God to give away this year? And actually put up the focus rather than on your getting, put it on your giving. And I tell you, there is such a blessing. And just like we just read in the scripture in Proverbs 11:25, when we plan where we’re going to water, we’re going to be watered back ourselves.

And since we’ve started doing that, it’s almost like since we started planning our giving, we’ve gone to another level in the realm of finances.

Ashley: Definitely.

Carlie: Supernatural.

Ashley: It really is supernatural. And putting giving as the priority, putting giving first place is amazing what that does. And very rare. I’ve never heard anyone say this. It’s probably very rare. I’ve never heard it personally, but I’ve never had anyone say, “I’ve lost my job or I’m out of money. Or my business isn’t making any money. How am I going to give?” Is always, “How am I going to pay the mortgage? How am I going to pay the car payments? How I’m going to put food on the table?”

All good, honorable things you need to take care of your responsibilities. But really giving should be your first priority. Giving should be the top of your list on your goal setting. Giving should be the biggest thing. I tell people this, when you get serious about your giving, you’re allowing God to get serious about your getting and God gives seed to the sower. And when you get serious about your giving, it’s amazing how God can get serious about your getting and things happen.

Supernaturally people say to me, “Actually, how did that work out for you? And how’d that work out for you?” You know what, it’s God ultimately. And it’s because we’re allowing, we’re giving God permission.

Carlie: Yeah. And that year, the first year that we asked God, how much do we give away this year? I tell you what, the number we prayed about. And the number that we came up with was actually like equivalent to our whole joint income for the year.

Ashley: Yeah. It was almost as much as we both earned a year. And I remember telling my pastor, I said, he’s the only person we shared it with.

Carlie: This is what we’re believing God for.

Ashley: I said, “I believe God’s told me to give this amount of money in one year.” And normally he goes like, “Praise God. That’s awesome. Praise God. Yeah. Well, I believe with you and we’ll pray for you,” or whatever. But this time he just was very quiet. So I knew when you can’t agree-

Carlie: That’s a generous, a great gift.

Ashley: When you can’t agree, say nothing at all. When you’ve got nothing to say, say nothing at all. So he was saying it too. 12 months later, that was March of, I forget which year it was now. But 12 months later, we finished … it was a year later and we looked back and was like, hang on a minute. We got our giving statements from our church and these ministries that you support and the missionaries we support and everything else. We’d given a couple of cars away that year. We started to look back.

Carlie: [crosstalk].

Ashley: And then we started to read those. You know what? We was about $500 short of our goal. And then I got to thinking, I probably spent at least $1000 dollars on people’s meals.

Carlie: Taking them out for dinner and things. Yeah.

Ashley: There was things I didn’t even think about. So we gave that amount of money where we gave nearly our combined salaries away.

Carlie: I have no idea how that worked out, because we didn’t have increase in salary or anything that year.

Ashley: I had some side businesses, I was doing some things on the side. I was doing some buying and selling and some things like that online.

Carlie: We hadn’t really trapped anything.

Ashley: So things like that. So, there was ways that that money was coming in, but yeah, that just shows when you put giving first, it’s amazing how God can get things to you. So we’re looking at giving and looking about what giving does. And the next point I’ve got here, trying to keep on track. The next point I’ve got here, is at Matthew 6:21. Matthew six is a great chapter on finances and on stewardship and talking a lot about money there.

And in Matthew 6:21, Jesus says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” We talked about God doesn’t need our money. God’s not after our money. God’s really ultimately after our hearts. And I don’t know exactly how this works, but our hearts and our finances are joined, are knit together. I don’t know exactly how it works. I do know this though. Somebody saying, “Actually, I’m more spiritual now, my money is not tied to my heart at all.”

Well, if I gave you a bill, a back payment of taxes or something, so the IRS, you got a bill here for $20,000. Your heart would probably sink a little bit. But if I gave you a check for $20,000, said, “This is a long lost tax refund. Here’s $20,000.” Your heart would probably whew. And that’s just the way it is. Our hearts and our finances, where our treasure, is our hearts will be also. And what we treasure, what we love, we will put finances towards.

And then what we put our finances towards, we’ll end up loving more. In Proverbs, it talks about, you can guide your heart in these things. You can guide your heart. So, you can actually give to God and by giving to God, that’s actually guiding your heart into the things of God. And that’s one way you can guide your heart into the things of God. What you invest in with your finances, your emotions and your thoughts and your heart will be there.

Carlie: That’s true.

Ashley: Where your treasure is, your heart will be also.

Carlie: That’s right.

Ashley: When I teach this sometimes publicly in a church or in a conference, what I usually do is I’ll ask the guy on the front row and say, “Can I borrow your wallet just as an example here?” And they’ll give me their wallet and I’ll just take the wallet and run out the room. Just clear run out-

Carlie: Run down the [crosstalk].

Ashley: … the room. Just gone. Out the back door, just gone. And then I’ll come back again. And I’ll say, sometimes the guy will chase me, but I’ll say, you know-

Carlie: Just don’t pick a big guy.

Ashley: Pick someone who’s [crosstalk].

Carlie: Who’s a little slow.

Ashley: I give him his wallet back obviously, and they always check it. And I said, “No, it’s all there.” But my point is this-

Carlie: Really?

Ashley: Sometimes. I’ve done this a number of times. But I say to him, “You know what? The point is this, they never went with me. They stayed here, but their heart was with me.”

Carlie: Their eyes were following all right the way.

Ashley: And they came back and they get their wallet back. They’re looking through it. They were like, “What’s going on here?” Their heart is beating a bit faster. So, God’s after our hearts. And that’s one of the reasons why he asks us to give. There’s a number of examples of this. The rich young ruler is a great example. We might be able to get into it next time. There’s lots of examples about where your heart is or where your treasure is, your heart will be also.

And it’s powerful when you realize this concept, because you can guide your heart into the things of God. God’s ultimately after our hearts, he’s not after our money, he doesn’t need our money.

Carlie: He’s not trying to pay his debt through-

Ashley: He’s not trying to pay his doubts.

Carlie: … our income.

Ashley: He’s trying to get more to us. And by giving, it’s allowing him to give to us. We’ve given him the opportunity to give to us. So we’ve got a number of other things here, but we’re going to have to pick this up next time.

Carlie: I know. Time goes.

Ashley: Time goes very fast. If this is the first time of watching, don’t forget, you can go to our website, it’s Terradezministries.com. That’s Terradezministries.com. And if you go there, there’s lots of resources we have in our store that deal with finances. We have different courses there that will help you for your finances.

Carlie: Actually, I’m just thinking, you should probably let people know a little bit about your book, because I think that really answered a lot of the questions. Some of the things that we’ve touching on here you go into it in depth.

Ashley: Yeah. I have a book called Thorns, Bonds, and Oil Jars, and that book’s on our website. You can see the details on the screen after this. So, that would really help you with some of this. We’re talking about giving and about the work of your hands and about stewardship and things like that. So go to our website today, Terradezministries.com, and you can find out more.

And if you’ve got questions or testimonies, you can hit contact us. And we’d love to hear from you. We’d love to hear your testimonies or questions, and we’d love to be in communication with. You could also find out where we’re going to be. We travel a lot. You can find out if we’re going to be anywhere near you in the near future by hitting the events tab. We’d love to come and meet you. So if you’re in your area, come out and say hello. We’d love to meet you and say hello. Amen?

Carlie: Amen.

Ashley: Praise God. You want to pray for the people before we go?

Carlie: Yeah. I sure will. Yeah. Father God, we just thank you that your love for us is so big that you’ve already provided for all of our needs. You’ve already provided for all of our needs according to your riches in glory, that Lord, that we’re part of your kingdom and we operate by your kingdom principles. Lord, I thank you that you are revealing to our hearts how these principles work and how to implement them in our life.

And Lord, holy spirit, I just ask you that you would show us how these words that we’ve been teaching, the scriptures that we’ve read and apply to our lives and how to actively walk those out. What those look like. Lord, open our eyes to your truth and activate them in our life. Help them to become, not just words on a page, but the rhyming word of God that’s alive and powerful in our hearts.

Lord, we agree for everyone that’s watching this for financial breakthrough and we just say hands off Satan to any obstacle that you’ve put in their path. But Lord, we thank you. And we receive your provision, we receive your blessing in our lives. And we agree right now as a body of believers that we have an abundance for every good work. In Jesus name.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: Amen.

Ashley: Amen. Praise God. Well, thanks for being with us. We’ll be back real soon, but until next time, don’t just settle for living a normal life when you could live the abundant life, we’ll see you next time.

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“I lack no good thing. I can do all things through Christ.” You know what? This card is powerful. This will change your life. This will show you who you are in Christ. And I’m saying, if you haven’t got one of these yet, go to our website, Terradezministries.com. We’d love to give one of these to you as our gift completely free. So go to our website, Terradezministries.com and get your confession card today.

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