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Possessing the Promises – Part 5

In the fifth lesson of Possessing the Promises, you will learn how to possess the promises through your confession! If your thinking has been lined up with the Word of God, then your speech will be that of faith as well. Join Ashley and Carlie Terradez for the powerful and fun conclusion of Possessing the Promises.

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Ashley: Did you know God has promises for you to possess? Stay tuned, you’re going to find out what those promises are, and how you can possess them today.
Announcer: Why live a normal life, when you could be living the abundant life? Welcome to the Abundant Life program with Ashley and Carlie Terradez.
Ashley: Hello, and welcome to Abundant Life, we’re so glad you’ve joined us today in the lounge. My name is Ashley Terradez, and this is Carlie, and we’ve got great program for you today. We’re talking about the promises of God, and how you can possess the promises that God has for you. Praise God, and we’ve been doing a whole series, so I would encourage you to go back and see the rest of the series. In fact, you can buy the resources on your screen. Where are we up to? What have we got? You’re going to do a little synopsis of what we’ve been doing and what we’re going to do today.
Carlie: Yes, absolutely. We’ve been talking about a lot of things through this series. We started out by talking about the faithfulness of God, how God is faithful, that he’s a promise keeper. We started talking about the difference between the old covenant and the new covenant, and the fact that now we live in the new covenant. That means we are part of God’s precious promises, that those promises are for us because Jesus purchased them, because he was good and he was right and he was perfect, not because of anything that we’ve done. We talked about how when God speaks his word, he doesn’t return void, that he chases down his word and he fulfills it, that we can take him at his word, that it is literally gospel, take it to the bank and rely upon it, that we can base our life upon it.
We talked about how we need to possess the promises, and that starts by possessing the promises in our heart and in our soul and in our hearing and our thinking, that God’s promises are available, but just like salvation, the other promises come to us in the same way as well. Healing, prosperity, deliverance, forgiveness of sins, you name it, all of those good and precious promises, we access those through faith. Just like with salvation, we had to respond to the gospel at some point. We heard the word, we heard the truth, we heard the gospel, and we said, “Yep, that’s for me, that is the truth, and I’m going to respond to it. I want to have that truth in my life. I want to receive Jesus in my heart as my lord and savior.” That’s what we would say being born again is, right?
Ashley: Yep.
Carlie: Receiving Jesus’s payment for our sin, and making him the lord of our life. When we did that, we’d call ourselves saved, we’ve been saved from our sin. In the same way that we had to respond, we didn’t just wake up one morning saved. We have to respond to the other promises too through faith, and we call this taking possession of the promises of God. They’re not automatic, we have to possess them. The very word possession, we talked about that it means to evict the previous tenants. Well, what are the previous tenants when we’re talking about the promises of God? The previous tenants are the things of doubt and unbelief and fear, and maybe roots of bitterness, all the ugly things that come to sometimes harbor in our heart that we don’t even necessarily know are there. Disappointment, that’s another one.
In the scriptures, it says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” People that have been believing God for a long time and not seeing that promise come to pass can often have disappointment in their heart. If we really are to possess the promises that God has for us, we have to evict the previous tenants of disappointment and doubt and unbelief and fear, and say, “I’m going to place the word of God first.” Possessing the promises first begins not in our outward actions, but in our thinking and how we think about the word of God, how we take the word of God, plant it in our heart and mix it with faith. In other words, being fully convinced that what God has said to us about his precious promises are true, and choosing to believe them, even above our circumstances, our feelings, and our emotions.
When we do those things and we train our hearing to listen, last time we talked about the importance of what we hear, take heed what we hear and how we hear it, of hearing the gospel, because faith comes by hearing. All of these things we’ve been discussing, but this time I want to talk about our speaking, our talking. If we have been meditating on the truth of God’s word and have our thinking lined up, we’re thinking about our circumstances in the way that God thinks about our circumstances, we’ve been hearing the right things and thinking the right things, guess what’s going to come out of our mouth?
Ashley: The right things, hopefully.
Carlie: The right things.
Ashley: They say garbage in, garbage out, it’s like a computer, wherever you put in it, it’s going to come out. A lot of the time, what happens is we’re feeding on the wrong things if we’re watching the wrong things, listening to the wrong things, then what we start believing in, therefore what starts coming out of our mouth can be the wrong confession, and that could be very subtle.
Carlie: Life and death are in the power of the tongue, right?
Ashley: That’s right, and it could be a very subtle thing, but where I’m not like one of those rich people, or you know-
Carlie: We can’t afford it. That’s a subtle one, isn’t it?
Ashley: We can’t afford it, or money doesn’t grow on trees. Well, what’s money made of? Paper.
Carlie: Used to be.
Ashley: It’s made of paper now, I think.
Carlie: Now some of them’s plastic.
Ashley: Some of it’s plastic, but anyway, most money’s made of paper. You spoiled my joke now.
Carlie: I’m sorry.
Ashley: Spoiled my joke. Most of it’s made of paper, and paper comes from trees.
Carlie: That’s right.
Ashley: My point being, we can confess things, even subtle things without realizing that it’s actually a negative confession, that it’s actually because we’re putting those beliefs in our hearts, we actually meditate on those things, and we’re actually thinking. Our speech is a very good indicator of our self-talk, of what we’re thinking about when we’re just on our own. What are you thinking about? Are you telling yourself you’re not going to get healed, it’s just your age, that this isn’t going to work, or you’ve tried believing in God before and it hasn’t worked? Are you thinking those things, or are you thinking the word of God? Are you meditating on good things?
Like Philippians 4:8 tells us what to believe on, it says think on these things, meditate on these things. As we do that, then our speech is going to change.
Carlie: That’s right.
Ashley: Because at the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks, and we’re going to say the right things, and we’re going to have the positive confession about who we are Christ.
Carlie: Amen. We can see this here in Proverbs 23. Actually earlier on in verse seven, it actually says, “For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he,” so there we are. As we start to think in our heart, eventually that thinking is going to come out of our mouth, and it’s also going to be displayed in our actions, isn’t it?
Ashley: Yep. Our life is going in the direction of our most predominant thought, so whatever you’re thinking on the most, whatever you’re really focused on and whatever you’ve got a vision on, that’s where your life is going to go. Even though you can know the word of God, if you don’t believe it, if you haven’t taken time to actually plant those seeds of the word in your heart … And this isn’t a works thing, here’s the danger, is I’m going to say, “Well, this sounds a bit like works actually, you’ve got to do this and do that,” no. Here’s the deal, we’ve already explained this before, but grace has already provided it. Jesus, you could say grace personified, Jesus, he came and provided everything for us, and now what we’re doing is we’re just agreeing with what Jesus already done for us. We’re just releasing what he’s already done, we’re not making anything happen or making God do anything.
Carlie: We’re resting in what he’s done.
Ashley: We are resting, that’s why we have to labor into that rest, because if we don’t make a conscious effort to believe in what Jesus has already done, to believe in the promises of God, then we’re not going to end up receiving them, we’re not going to see them in their lives. That’s what can happen when people know the word and they love God, but the problem is they’re not taking the time to think on the word of God and actually renew their minds to what the word says about them, and the promises God has about them. As we do that, what’s going to come out is the right confession, is a positive confession, it’s who we are. The neat thing is, it’s a win-win, because when we confess the right thing, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks, that also confirms our believing.
I’ve heard it said that you trust your own voice more than anyone else’s. Even science can prove that we’re voice activated as we say something. If you start saying to yourself, “You know what? I’m healed, I’m strong, I’m healthy, I’ve got lots of energy,” praise God, even at a, what’s the right word, molecular level, is that the right word?
Carlie: Yep.
Ashley: Carlie’s a nurse, I’m not. On a molecular level, I sound intelligent now-
Carlie: You do, you are.
Ashley: You start believing it, “Yeah, we’re strong, we’re going there, pass it on,” type of thing. Whereas if you say, “I’m tired and I’m depressed,” and you start saying those things, what can actually happen is you start believing it even more. It could be a vicious circle in the wrong direction, or it could be a vicious circle in the good direction.
Carlie: That’s right. The power of our words is so important. We’ve even done experiments, and we did homeschooling for a while, and where you have these two plants and you grow the little bean seeds in controlled environments. You take one of the bean seeds, and as it starts to grow, you start speaking blessings over that bean plant. At the other bean plant, you start speaking curses over that bean plant, and it’s amazing. The only difference is the words that you speak, because they’re kept in the same climate, the same controlled environment. You’ll start to see, and you can do this, people have done this with crystals forming or with grains of rice and fruit and all kinds of different stuff, the power of your words can cause something to decay or to bloom. That’s how powerful our words are. We look here in Proverbs 15-
Ashley: In Proverbs 23.
Carlie: Proverbs 23:15, and what does it say?
Ashley: “My son, if your heart is wise, my heart will rejoice. Indeed, I myself,” in verse 16.
Carlie: This is God speaking.
Ashley: This is Proverbs 23:16. “Yes, my inmost being will rejoice when your lips speak right things.” When our lips speak the right things, when we speak in unity with the word of God, how can two walk together unless they agree? We need to get ourselves lined up with the word of God. You might say, “Ashley, my circumstances don’t match the word of God.” Well, your thinking can, and then your believing can, and then your speech can, even if your circumstances aren’t yet. What’ll happen is your circumstances will eventually line up. It might take a little bit time, sometimes it’s instant, sometimes it takes time, but your circumstances will eventually line up.
I’ve read the back of the book. I use an iPad, so I can’t really say the back of the book, but I’ve read the back of the book.
Carlie: The back of the book.
Ashley: We win, praise God, if we don’t quit. If you don’t quit, if you keep believing, if you keep confessing and you don’t quit, and when you’ve got an obedient ear to the word, when God’s given you a specific word, “Do this, go and do that,” you do it, praise God, you’re going to see the promises of God come to pass in your life. That’s what we’ve experienced, that’s my testimony. So many times, we’ve stepped out in faith and believed God for something, or we’ve gone through a trial and we’ve believed God, and we haven’t quit, we haven’t done anything perfectly, but if we haven’t quit and we’ve made sure we believe in the word, we don’t get off the word of God, we just believe the word, “This is what the word says,” our circumstances may look one way, but the truth is, that’s not the end report. There’s a better report, that’s not the last report.
Carlie: There’s a better report. I love what it says here. “My son, if your heart is wise …” You know that word heart, it means our mind, our will, and our emotions, it’s interchangeable with the word soul, our mind, our will and our emotions, our heart is in there. It says, “If your heart is wise, then my heart will rejoice.” God gets glory when we start speaking. It says, “Yes, my innermost being will rejoice when your lips,” when our lips, “Speak right things.” When we start speaking the promises of God, God gets the glory.
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: Amen, that’s powerful, that blesses God. You can go on down here to verse 19, it says, “Hear, my son, and be wise and guide your heart in the way, guide your heart in the way.” If we are to possess the promises of God, we can’t just leave our heart, that is our mind, will, and emotions to its own devices. If we’re not leading it, it’s leading us, our emotions are pushing us, they’re driving us, we’re responding out of just how we feel. “Well, I’m angry or I’m mad or I’m disappointed or I want to have a tantrum, we actually begin to act childish, immature is what it is, like a child that’s not in control of their emotions. An adult has learned to control their emotions to a higher degree, and this is what this is talking about.
“Hear, my son,” this is the lord speaking, “Listen, be attentive to my word, and be wise.” When we hear the promises of God, when we listen to what God is saying about our situation, we take time to listen … We’ve got a whole series just on hearing from God, haven’t we?
Ashley: Yeah, we do.
Carlie: It makes our heart wise, it helps us to make good decisions and guide your heart in the way. Now, the word guide, it means to lead, to pronounce and call blessed. Think about that for a minute. When we listen to God’s word and we start to plant God’s word in our heart above our circumstances, what we’re doing to guide our heart, is we are leading it and we are pronouncing and calling it blessed.
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: We’re calling our circumstances blessed. We’re using the power of our words to speak a blessing over us, and to get into agreement with the promises of God. It’s really easy, isn’t it, when you’re going through a crisis or a storm, or you’ve got a physical challenge going on in your body, or in your family, somebody you love is sick or you feel like all you can see is lack, all you can see is obstruction, you can’t see a way through, it’s really easy to let your heart, your mind, will, and emotions to start leading you rather than leading it. That is a very moment at which we need to cling onto the promises of God. We take the promises of God at face value.
Remember, God is faithful. God is true, his words, they never return void. His words are that powerful, and he’s put his words in our mouth. When we start to get into agreement and start speaking the word of God over our situation, rather than confessing every negative thought, every symptom that pops up, every ache or every pain, or repeating the doctor’s report over and over and over again, or what our neighbor said, or what we watched on CNN or whatever, when we start to speak positive, we’ll start to see a change, because life and death are in the power of our tongue. It says, “We start to guide our heart as we lead it and pronounce and call it blessed, and it advances and progresses.” That’s another word for guiding, we guide our heart and our thinking. Our heart and our thinking, it’s the seat of our emotions, and it’s our emotions that will go astray. If we let our emotions run away, it’s really hard to rein them back in.
Ashley: It really is. I like what Jesus says here, this is in John 14:27, and there’s a number of times Jesus says this, but this is one example. He says, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you, not as the world gives do I give it to you.” This is Jesus telling us to do something. If Jesus is giving us an instruction-
Carlie: Then we should listen.
Ashley: We can do it.
Carlie: That’s right.
Ashley: That means you can do it. He will never ask you to do something-
Carlie: Exactly.
Ashley: He hasn’t given you the power and ability to do. That’d be very unfair.
Carlie: That’s right.
Ashley: Jesus is telling us here to do something that we’ve got the ability to do, that God’s already equipped us to do. He says right here in John 14:27, he says, “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” Jesus is saying here, we can control our heart, If you like, we can guide our hearts, we can guide our emotions, and we can stop it being troubled, stop it being afraid. We’re not saying just completely discount your emotions and live emotionless, what we’re saying is we should be leading our emotions instead of our emotions leading us. Whatever you think on the most, whatever you allow into your life and you think on and meditate, your emotions are going to follow that. That’s how it works, your emotions are going to follow those thoughts that you have.
If you keep having those thoughts, your emotions are going to follow it. Now, if you have these feelings, they can be an indicator, “Well, hang on, something’s up here, I’m missing out on something here. Maybe I’m not spending time on the word, maybe I’m meditating on the wrong thing or I’m hearing the wrong thing.” Jesus said, “Be careful how you hear.” That could be an indicator of, “Actually, I’d better fix this,” but we shouldn’t be led by them. Like you’re saying, we shouldn’t be led by our emotions, we should lead our emotions. If we think on the right things, we can actually guide our heart and we can let not our hearts be troubled, and let not our hearts be afraid. Amen?
Carlie: It’s interesting, because I can’t let not your heart be troubled, that’s something that we can only do for ourselves. We are responsible for leading our own heart, I can’t lead your heart, and you can’t lead mine. This is part of the Christian walk, and I believe that as we further our relationship with the lord, as we dig in, as we spend more time reading the word of God, confessing the word of God, listening to the word of God … We’ve been through plenty of crises in our lives where the word of God was the only encouragement, it was the only positive thing that was going on in that moment. No one else could let not our heart be troubled for us, the only way that we knew to get through what we were getting through was with the grace and the power of God.
Some of you are going through some pretty tragic stuff, through some dark stuff, through some hard stuff that you’ve been going through for just too long. I want to encourage you, don’t grow weary in doing good, keep going, keep believing God, because it’s just a matter of time. The darkest point of the night is right before the dawn, it really is, and if you don’t quit, you’re going to win.
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: You’re going to win. At that point in life when you think, “I just can’t do it anymore, I’m going to give up, I’m going to quit,” that’s right at the point where you’re about to step into your breakthrough. Right now, we declare breakthrough in your life.
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: We declare breakthrough. We take back, we join in agreement with you, and we say it’s time to stop. It’s time to stop the plans of the enemy operating in your life. We take authority over the enemy, we say he cannot have you or anything that belongs to you, hands off this child of God, amen. Hands off this child of God.
Ashley: That’s right.
Carlie: We declare that we are taking back possession of the land that the Lord has given to us in Jesus’s name, that means wellness in our body. That means sickness and disease has to flee, that means we break the spirit of poverty that’s gone through generation upon generation. No more will this bondage and affliction, no more will this spirit of infirmity have any power over you in Jesus’s name. Amen?
Ashley: Amen, yeah.
Carlie: I believe that’s for somebody, amen.
Ashley: That’s the word from God right there, that really is a word for God. If you know who you are because the holy spirit’s confirmed that to you, that’s a word from God, praise God. We have a number on our screen, and at the end of our show, we have different phone numbers for different continents, wherever you’re watching from, but we’d love you to call in. We have prayer ministers that can pray for you and agree with you, praise God. If lines are busy, leave a message, we’ll call you back, but we want to minister to you. If that’s really touched you, if that’s the lord speaking to you when Carlie was praying, then go ahead and contact our ministry, email us or phone the number, and we’ll have prayer ministers that want to pray with you and agree with you and encourage you, praise God, in the lord.
I’d really encourage you to reach out and find that strength inside you. What you’re saying is, go for it by faith, now don’t give up.
Carlie: Amen.
Ashley: Don’t quit.
Carlie: Don’t quit.
Ashley: God’s given us the strength, God’s given you the ability to do this, amen, he’s given you the strength to do this, praise God.
Carlie: We’re going to start, if this is you, this is your part, to commit to declaring only the word of God over your situation, only the word of God. Years ago now, we were given a doctor’s report about our daughter that was just terrible. I mean, she was sent home from the hospital at three years old to die, and it’s not a report that anyone wants to get, but there was something on the inside of us that would not … And I believe it’s the spirit of God, because I don’t think we’re that smart, but we would not discuss what the doctor was saying. It didn’t look good, but at no point did we sit together and plan a funeral. At no point did we talk about, “Well, what if Hannah dies, and how will we go on?”
There might’ve been times, I know there was times when that crossed my mind, but I could not allow my mind to go there, because I knew if I allowed my mind to go there, my emotions would follow. What we consider in our heart, we read this in Proverbs 23:7, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he,” I can’t let not your heart be troubled. That’s our individual responsibility, but I want to encourage you today, if you’ve not done this so far, maybe you’ve realized that your confession has been negative, that it hasn’t been good, that you’ve been so beaten down, so disappointed in your faith walk that you feel like you’ve just not won in a long time, maybe you’ve realized that the things that have been coming out of your mouth are not good.
Right now, you know what? We’re praying for a crop failure. We speak a crop failure over those seeds that have been sown, but today you can take ahold of your tongue, you can take ahold of your thinking in. I think it’s in second Corinthians 10, it says, “Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, and cast down every vain imagination and everything that rises up against the word of the lord in judgment.” We can cast those things down, we’re going to take captive those thoughts. Sometimes that’s when you’re going through challenges daily, isn’t it?
Ashley: It could be hourly, or minute by minute. What you do is, I’ve been there and I still have times like this, when you have a negative thought, and what you do is you have those thoughts, and those are the thoughts that you start meditating on, those are the thoughts that you start spending a lot of time thinking about. We’ve got the ability to think on something and do something else at the same time.
Carlie: We call that worry.
Ashley: It’s like worrying, yeah. What happens is, as we’re thinking on those things, those thoughts there, what you do is you take them captive, like Carlie was saying, second Corinthians 10, you take that thought captive and you line it up. You can line it up with, say, John 10:10, is this coming to kill, steal, and destroy, or is this thought going to give me life and life more abundantly? Or you can line it up with Philippians 4:8, it gives you a whole list of things. You look at that list and you say, “Is this noble? Is this true? Is this praiseworthy? Is this a good report? Is this honorable?” You go through that list and say, “No, this is a bad thought, this is a bad report, this is not of God,” and then you can replace it with a good thought, you can replace it with a promise from God.
That’s why we need to know what the word says about our situation. You replace it with the promise of God, and it’s like that’s what you have to do to renew your mind. You know the promises of God, then thoughts come, you replace them with the word of God, praise God, you replace them with the promise that God’s given you. I like this verse, this is in Psalms 35:27, and we’re talking about confession. We’re not talking about the confession police, my feet are killing me. Don’t say that, don’t speak it out, don’t say your feet are killing me. You’ll be in bed one night and your feet will strangle you or something, no, we’re not talking about that.
Carlie: Those stilettos will stab you.
Ashley: Those stilettos, we’re not talking about that, we’re talking about … I remember one time someone said, “Oh, it looks like it’s going to rain.” “Don’t confess it, that’s a negative confession,” I’m like, “What’s that?” Anyway, we’re not talking about that, we’re getting this in balance, we’re talking about what we’re speaking, what we’re declaring over ourselves and what we’re saying. In Psalms 35, verse 27, it says, “Let them shout for joy and be glad, who favor my righteous cause, and let them say continually …”
Carlie: Continually.
Ashley: This is what they’re saying, they’re saying, “Let the Lord be magnified, who has pleasure in the prosperity of his servant.” They’re saying this is a great confession, “Let the lord be magnified, who takes pleasure in the prosperity of his servant.” We’re talking about possessing the promises during this series, and what we’ve been talking about, it brings God pleasure and it magnifies the lord when we act on his promises, when we receive his promises, and when we start manifesting them, praise God. Because what happens is God gets pleasure. He’s a good father. He loves his kids.
Carlie: He’s a good father.
Ashley: What good father doesn’t love it when their kids are prospering, when their kids are in health, when their kids are at peace, and when their kids are really finding pleasure, praise God, in God’s promises? It’s powerful.
Carlie: Amen, amen. I want to leave you with this, this last scripture here, and then we’re going to pray for you. I believe that people are going to see some breakthrough. You mentioned Philippians four, I think it’d be a good time to read it, and I’m starting in verse four. It says, “Rejoice in the lord always …”
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: Not when you feel like it, but always. “Again, I will say rejoice. Let everyone come to know your gentleness. The lord is at hand.” The lord is at hand in what you’re doing, he knows what you’re dealing with, he’s in the middle of your heart, amen. He’s not removed from me, he’s at hand, he’s working on your behalf behind the scenes, where you don’t even see it yet. He says, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with gratitude,” in other words, with thanks giving, “Make your requests known to God.” Make your requests known to God. If you need something, ask for it.
“And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will protect your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brothers, whatever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, whatever things are of good report, anything that is virtuous, if there is any praise, think on these things.” Lastly, “Do those things which you have both learned and received and heard and seen in me, and the God of peace will be with you,” amen.
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: There we are, we want to finish there, we’re going to wrap up our series here on possessing the promises. We hope that this has been a real blessing to you. Remember, God is faithful, God’s word is true, god is a promise keeper, God has good and precious promises for you. Our part to put the amen to his yes is simply by choosing to believe, choosing to take ownership and possession of the promises of God. That means taking possession of our hearts, our thinking, our hearing, and our speaking, amen. I believe if you, as it says in Philippians four, if we do those things which we have heard and we have learned, the God of peace that surpasses all understanding will fill your heart and mind, and you’ll see those promises come to pass in their time. Amen?
Ashley: Amen, that’s awesome, praise God. Let us pray for you before we go. We want to thank you for joining us, but we want to pray, and pray for you right now. Wherever you are, receive this right now. Father God, I thank you for everyone watching and listening today. I thank you, lord, you have precious promises for them, and I thank you lord, you have revealed yourself through your word, and I thank you lord. Everyone is going to your word, is meditating on those good thoughts, is meditating on your promises, and their situations are changing right now, in Jesus’s name.
Carlie: Amen, we speak breakthrough.
Ashley: Breakthrough and change, in Jesus’s name, whatever you’re going through. God knows exactly what you’re going through, and I speak deliverance right now.
Carlie: Amen.
Ashley: I speak increase right now, I speak protection right now, I speak, whatever you need right now is happening.
Carlie: Healing and wholeness.
Ashley: Healing and wholeness is happening to you right now, in Jesus’s name. 100%, the promises of God are being passed to you right now, in Jesus’s name.
Carlie: Amen.
Ashley: Thank you lord, amen?
Carlie: Amen.
Ashley: Praise God?
Carlie: Good stuff.
Ashley: God’s great. Anyway, we’ll see you real soon. Until next time, remember, don’t just live a normal life when you could be living the abundant life. We’ll see you soon.
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Carlie: This concludes our series called possessing the promises, and we shall hope that you’ll be at it and get the product, because I know that it’s going to bless you to listen to it again if you haven’t managed to catch each and every one. A quick summary for you, for those that you have may missed out. God is faithful, God is good, his promises are true, he’s a promise keeper, and he has promises that are for you, amen. To possess those promises, it starts in our thinking, in our hearing, in our hearts, and in our speaking. You too can learn today how to possess the promises.
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Speaker 4: Ashley and Carlie, I think they’re amazing. I think they have a great ministry, I think they’re inspired, I think God’s really working in their life.
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