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You don’t have to scramble through life without direction and purpose. God chose you, He has a plan for you, and His plan is good! He has positioned you for success. When you agree with God’s plan, your life will be better than you can imagine.

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The God Plan - Free Digital Kit

The God Plan - it's better than you thnk

Free Digital Kit

Godly Goal Setting MP3 message by Ashley Terradez
Learn how to set goals without falling into a works mindset in this special two-part lesson.

Goal setting worksheet
Follow this simple step-by-step worksheet to create faith-filled goals you can actually achieve.

Four-week email growth track
Develop a deeper understanding of God’s good plans for you through this four-part email series.’

Encouraging printable poster
Be reminded of God’s goodness by printing this inspiring poster on any home printer.

Exclusive discounts
Receive coupons for discounts on The God Plan USB and MP3 products.


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The God Plan USB

No matter what your life looks like, God has a specific plan for your success. When you come into agreement with God’s plan, your life will be better than you can imagine. This series will help you get with the plan God has for you so you can live an amazingly fulfilling life!


We’ve received hundreds of healing testimonies this year. Here is one of our favorites. You can read more powerful testimonies on our testimonies page.

Rediscovered Purpose

I’m so excited today! While I was watching your livestream, Carlie looked at the screen and said, “One of you has been studying for a while and it’s time for you to step out and teach.” I knew the Lord was speaking to me through you. I had been fasting for about a day and a half seeking the Lord’s purpose for my life right now and was desperate to not lead the rest of my life as I was. I’m 60 years old and a retired middle school teacher who misses her students terribly. I KNEW when you said I needed to step out and not be afraid but to take action that it was me. The night before my first teaching, I had a nightmare. A woman was yelling at me about how horrible I was…I woke up and was laying there thinking about the dream when a sharp pain began in my hip. I got mad! It was so obvious to me that it was a lie because I didn’t hurt in my sleep. I whisper yelled at the pain to leave and then I began to recite Psalm 91. When I got to the part about God delivering me from the snare of the fowler, I felt a warmth in my hip and then it was gone instantly. If Satan was trying to stop me he missed the mark because it just gave me courage! I knew I had a breakthrough! So, I did my first teaching via Instagram and 10 former students participated. My students appreciated it and said they really needed it. This is a courage and belief down deep in my inner man that wasn’t there before. You guys are kind of like a steroid shot that The Holy Spirit is using to strengthen my faith! God bless you both.
Criss, USA