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Welcome, partners! We are so thankful for your generosity and desire to see believers around the world truly understand and experience the promises of God in their every day lives. To show our appreciation, we have developed what we call “partner perks” and have created content especially for you.

We love and pray for all of you every day!

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Special Monthly Giving

Power Academy Sponsorship

Your Power Academy Sponsorship allows you to support the free Power Academy e-course and discipleship program. A sponsorship of approximately $50 covers all costs associated with one e-course enrolled student.

Gideon’s Army

Your Gideon’s Army Partnership allows us to reach over 1.6 billion people around the world on Daystar and other Television Networks each week. Through this special monthly partnership of $100 or more, you are able to help us cover the costs of TV coverage, production, and distribution. 

Terradez Ministries – Underground Community

 Are you tired of mainstream social media? Platforms that censor and push anti-Christian values. Terradez Ministries has started their own social media platform, created to share the Gospel outside of platforms that censor the truth.

Connect with other like-minded believers in our Underground community. Share life moments, pray with one another and get exclusive content from Ashley and Carlie Terradez.

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How to Set Godly Goals

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in god we trust

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paid in full

Paid In Full

Jesus’ last words on earth were, “It is finished” (John 19:30). But this phrase is far more powerful than “I’m done. It’s over. I give up.” In that simple statement,

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the unforgivable sin

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Upcoming Events

Partner Video Call

Exclusive only to Terradez Partners! Our partners are a vital part of the growth of Terradez Ministries. Your support has enabled us to continue to broadcast on television around the

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Africa Partner Video Call

Exclusive only to Terradez Partners! Our Africa partners have been a vital part of the growth of the Terradez Ministries Africa office. Your support has enabled us to continue to

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We’ve received hundreds of powerful testimonies this year. Here are some of our favorites. You can read more  on our testimonies page.

Free from Fear

I used to be shy. So shy I wouldn’t look people in the eye. I was afraid of people. Then one day God spoke to me and told me that being shy was selfish and that I didn’t have to be afraid. I didn’t have to be shy because that wasn’t who I was, and that He loved me. That day I received freedom from fear.
— Abigail, US

Ears Healed while Praying in Spirit

I was born hard hearing and I began wearing hearing aids (both ears) in 2012.

So, I have been declaring myself healed and said, “hearing aids your days are numbered.” …I was in my room praying in tongues, and I heard a pop out noise, once then a second time. I looked to see what that noise was but wasn’t sure but took it as yes my ears are healed. Three days later, praying in tongues, the same thing happened. I recorded this in my prayer journal. Then I realized that these pop out noises were actually my ears opening.

Hallelujah! It’s been almost a month I recovered my ears of both hears and did not have to wear hearing aids after eight years. Wow! Praise to Jesus!

— Aurelie, Mauritania

Set Free

Right before Power Hour today, I felt the spirit give me the wisdom of why I had been dealing with tormenting thoughts and fear. With overwhelming symptoms. After the revelation, Carlie began to pray for someone that had been experiencing tormenting thoughts and the thought that her family would be better off without her. A weight fell off and my thoughts aligned with the Word of God. He delivers us from all of our fears! Amen! Thank you for praying!
— Marla, US