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In Freedom Part 1 Ashley and Carlie Terradez explore how Jesus Christ has set us free. To truly be free we need to forget the past and move into the future God has for us! It is through faith that we are able to see God’s plan for the future and start walking in it.

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The primary scriptures explored in this teaching are Galatians 5:1 and Phillipians 3:10-12.


Ashley: Did you know that it was for freedom that Christ set you free? Stay tuned, we’re going to be teaching you how to walk in that freedom today.

Announcer: Why live a normal life when you could be living the abundant life? Welcome to the Abundant Life Program with Ashley and Carlie Terradez.

Ashley: Hello, and welcome to Abundant Life. Hey, thanks for joining us today, here in the lounge. We’ve got an exciting program for you today, praise God. We’re talking about freedom, amen. And what it means to be free, truly free.

Carlie: Amen.

Ashley: Free in Christ.

Carlie: Amen. It says in Galatians 5:1… I’m reading this in the NIV. I don’t usually read the NIV, but I like how he puts this scripture. It says, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” I don’t know about you, but there seems to be so many people, even once I got born again, this isn’t just people in the world, but Christians, believers that seem to be entangled in bondage in some area. I’m not talking about physical chains, but I’m talking, there is a type of bondage that people have on the inside.

Ashley: This is a testimony from a lot of people. They get born again. And they think, “This is awesome.” And then they get to church and some churches, not all churches, some churches, religion sets in and says, “You’ve got to do this, this and this to please God. And you got to do this and do that and follow these rules.” And they get stuck in bondage. They get stuck in this way of living. In the new King James, it says, “Stand fast, therefore, in the liberty by which Christ has made us free and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.” Religion definitely is a bondage.

Carlie: It is.

Ashley: People say that, “We’re not into religion, we’re into relationship, relationship with Jesus, amen. Relationship with God.” But religion is man’s way of doing things. And it can definitely put us into bondage.

Carlie: Absolutely. We’re at the beginning here, if you’ve tuned in today, you picked a great day because we’re at the beginning of a freedom series. We’re going to be going through over the next few sessions, make sure you join in with us, but we’re going to be talking about how God, Jesus has paid the price to set us free in every area of our life, not just our ticket to heaven, but freedom that comes through relationship. I love what you mentioned there about, we aren’t into religion, we’re into relationship.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: Before I was born again, I was born again when I was 17 years old. I used to think church was just full of stuffy, old people and mothballs,

Ashley: Some churches, some churches.

Carlie: Pews and mothballs. And didn’t realize what you’re talking about there is relationship.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: And when we really understand the kind of relationship that we can have with Jesus, it’s so much more than just, “Hey, we’re going to go and we’re going to go be in heaven. We got to spend eternity with Him,” which is awesome. But you know what? Eternal life starts right here. It starts today. It starts the minute we accept Jesus into our heart.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: And there’s a freedom that many people aren’t walking into the full capacity because of this thing it talks about here in Galatians 5:1. Yes, Jesus has paid the price for us to be free. Yes, Jesus has paid the price for our sin, for us to be forgiven, for us to be in relationship, for our healing, for our deliverance. But it says, “Therefore do not be in entangled again with a yoke of bondage.” So it kind of makes it seem like we have a choice.

Ashley: We do have a choice.

Carlie: We have a part to play in laying that freedom right in our life.

Ashley: We do have a choice. And it is very interesting that, religion, what happens is naturally we want to do things to create result. And religion will say you have to do these things to please God. You have to do these things to make it to heaven. And anything outside of Jesus, really, if we’re relying on that for our salvation or if we’re relying on that for our righteousness, it becomes bondage. It becomes a yolk.

Carlie: It’s performance.

Ashley: Because it’s performance. It becomes a yolk of bondage, what Paul’s talking about here. And one way of looking at this is Paul’s saying, “Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free.” So once you get born again, you were set free, praise God. When you accepted Jesus into your life, you were made free. Jesus set you free from the religion, free from sin.

Carlie: You’ve been broken free from the power of sin. That doesn’t mean to say we’re never going to sin, but we’ve been broken free from the yoke of bondage of sin. because now we have authority over it.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: We can choose not to walk in sin.

Ashley: But if we’re not careful, we can easily by our flesh, our own limited thinking, or the devil can put us back into that bondage, entangle us again into that bondage. I have a friend who was born and raised in the deep South of Texas.

Carlie: The deep South. How do they talk in the deep South?

Ashley: I’m not going to do it. I’m not going to do it. You can do it if you want. You can offend our American viewers, but I’m not going to do-

Carlie: Have you ever been to a drive through in America?

Ashley: We now live in America. When we go to drive throughs in America, the game is, and our kids play, is how many items did they understand, like on the drive. So sometimes we’ll order 10 items and I’ll get eight of them correct. And they’re, “Well done, dad. They only got two wrong this time.” So early days when we moved to America, it was more like, they’d get one correct. Sometimes they give up and they say, “Sir, can you pull around to the window? We can’t understand you.”

Carlie: Praise Hallelujah.

Ashley: I’ve had someone, a sweet lady from Atlanta, Georgia, and we love Atlanta, Georgia.

Carlie: Atlanta.

Ashley: Atlanta, Georgia asked me once. She said, “Do you speak English? What’s your first language?” So anyway-

Carlie: Actually what she really said was, “I can’t understand you, you need to speak English,” something like that.

Ashley: That’s right, something like that.

Carlie: That’s what she said. Which I thought was quite hysterical, actually.

Ashley: Okay. Now that the American viewers have turned off, we’ve still got Africa and Europe and a few other people watching this. Anyway. Texas. So my friend was born and raised in deep South Texas. And he said, as a kid, his job was to go and help unload chickens. So they used to deliver chickens to the farms and then have these chickens. And to deliver the chickens, they’d have to tie their feet-

Carlie: Tie their little feet together.

Ashley: -together and put them in the truck because otherwise they’d scratch each other and-

Carlie: Peck and things.

Ashley: -and hurt each other. So the tie that, they bound their feet, and they’d put these chickens in these boxes and then they deliver them to the farm. And then when they deliver them, they would cut the ties off their legs so they could move again. But because they’d been laying there for whatever, three or four hours on the journey.

Carlie: Stuck there.

Ashley: They were there laying on the ground with no ties anymore. There was nothing tying their feet together but because they’re so used to it, they just used to stay there and didn’t used to move. So his job as a little kid was to go around and slap the chickens.

Carlie: He was a chicken slapper.

Ashley: He was a chicken slapper. He slapped the chickens and slapped them into realizing, “I’m free. I can run now,” and they’d jump up and they’d run around.

Carlie: There’s a lot of believers like that, isn’t there?

Ashley: I’m telling you. She’s right in the station, right here.

Carlie: We should have a slapping ministry.

Ashley: We have been set free. No, not so much the slapping. You like the slapping bit. Not so much the slapping. We have been set free. Jesus set us free. Sometimes we don’t realize we’re free. Sometimes we don’t take advantage and actually live and walk in that liberty because you’re so used to being in bondage. You’re so used to having to perform. We’re so used to having to do X, Y, and Z to get the results or to please someone. And now we’re free. We need to actually walk in that liberty. We need to actually be established in that and realize, so sometimes, you need to give them a little slap. Wake them up.

Carlie: Come on now.

Ashley: Praise God.

Carlie: And it’s true. If we don’t realize everything which Christ has deposited on the inside of us, we’re not going to walk in that freedom. We’re going to be kept in the bondage. I like the way it says in Galatians, “Stand therefore. Stand firm in that liberty.” Christ, it was for freedom that Christ has set us free. But it’s our part is to accept that freedom and to stand in it. That kind of makes me think, that’s where the real battle is. The freedom has been provided for us. Freedom, power over sin, freedom over power over sickness, power over poverty, power in the realm of deliverance, power in the realm of our mind, in our thinking, in our emotions, all of these things. But the battle for us isn’t even with the enemy, it’s with our own mind. The yoke of bondage oftentimes doesn’t even come from outside influences. It can come from religion, from misinterpreting the word of God, from growing up in a performance type environment. But oftentimes we internalize those exterior influences and we become our own worst enemy. We are the ones that are holding ourselves captive.

Ashley: So true. Limited thinking will stop us. What we’re thinking on and how we’re seeing ourselves make such a difference.

Carlie: It really does.

Ashley: I’m thinking of the Israelites when they left Egypt. they came out of slavery, but really they hadn’t… God may have taken them out of slavery, but they hadn’t taken the slavery out of themselves. It’s almost like they still had that slavery mentality, that slave mentality. I think sometimes you can change environment, but you can still have those thoughts. You’ve heard the old adage of you can get a pig… You may not have heard this.

Carlie: You can take a pig out of the pig pen. You can clean him up, put him in a bath, make him look pretty. But the minute you take the eye off the pig, where’s he going to go?

Ashley: He’s going to run back into the mud.

Carlie: Because that’s his nature. Actually it’s talks more about that, our new nature in Christ, at the end of Galatians, we have a new nature now. When we get born again, we have the nature of God. That means that we can respond differently. We have the fruit of the spirit on the inside of us. That means that we don’t have to respond to the same situations within the same way anymore. We can rest in the nature, the character and nature of God and let that come through us.

But what you’re saying about our thinking is so important. I remember one time, there was a lady came to one of our meetings. She was actually crippled up in a wheelchair and with arthritis. She’s probably about 80 years old. She got miraculously healed, was up out of that wheelchair, running around the room, pushing the wheelchair in front of her. And before, she couldn’t walk, she was totally riddled with arthritis. People are getting excited-

Ashley: Yeah, I remember. She’s running around.

Carlie: They were starting to get excited. Her husband was like, “I don’t know what’s going on, this woman.” He hadn’t seen her like that before. So she’s running around, pushing the wheelchair in front of her. At the end of the meeting, after all the hooping and the hollering and the miracles, her husband brings her wheelchair up and he says, “Come on, dear. It’s time to go. Get back in your chair.” And just because she’s conditioned to sitting in that wheelchair, she went back and she sat in the wheelchair. And there’s something inside of me that kind of just, my heart sank when I saw that.

And the next day, when she came back into the meeting, she wasn’t pushing her wheelchair anymore. She was back sitting in the wheelchair, riddled with arthritis and her husband was pushing her again. To me, that was such an example of what you were talking here about the slaves that came out of Egypt. They took the slaves out of Egypt, but the slavery was still in their mind. What this is saying here in Galatians 5:1 is we’ve been set free from a whole bunch of stuff.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: There’s so many good things on the inside of us now in Christ Jesus. But yet, if we don’t change our thinking, we are going to let those old mindsets keep us, put us again under a yoke of bondage. Relationship with God is the one thing that will break us free in the areas that we have been held captive in. And there’s a great scripture that explains this in more detail. Have you got Philippians 3:10 in the amplified?

Ashley: Amplified version. This is Philippians 3:10. It says, “For my determined purpose is that I may know him,” talking about Jesus, “That I may know him. That I may progressively become more and more deeply, intimately acquainted with him. Perceiving and recognizing and understanding the wonders of his person more strongly and more clearly. And that I may, in that same way, come to know the power and the out flowing from his resurrection, which it exerts over believers. And that I may so share his sufferings as to continually be transformed in spirit, into his likeness even, to his death in the hope that if possible, I may obtain to the spiritual and moral resurrection that lifts me out from among the dead, even while in the body.”

Carlie: Man, that is so powerful.

Ashley: Isn’t it?

Carlie: My determined purpose. If you’ve ever been looking for your purpose in life, it’s right here. Your determined purpose. God has given you a purpose. Not only has he purposed for you to live a life of freedom, his purposed for you to know him. That’s not talking about just like, “Hey, I just met you on the bus.” This is talking about an intimate knowledge, an intimate knowledge of God is what brings people into freedom. An Intimate knowledge of God, an intimate relationship with Jesus is what breaks the power of addiction, is what sets people free from sin, is what breaks a negative mindset and the thought patterns and destructive behaviors. And to really know Christ, to really know Jesus is what sets people free from sickness, from disease, from poverty.

I think it’s really interesting how it says that we might know him and then the power of his resurrection. It didn’t put it the other way around, did it?

Ashley: Right, no.

Carlie: Because oftentimes people are like, “I want to know the power of God.” When we could do a survey here, how many people want to know the power of God? And they’ll all be excited. But if we want to see the power of God operating in our life and walk in real freedom, it comes from knowing Him.

Ashley: Amen. In fact, sometimes we’re guilty of searching for our healing or searching for our provision or searching for our peace rather than actually searching for the healer and the provider and the Prince of peace. Searching for that. God wants a relationship with us. God wants a relationship with you. You may be born again for years, but you know what? God’s jealous for you. He wants your time and attention. He loves you. He loves spending time with you. He wants to enjoy. God’s purpose, God’s vision all along creating mankind was to indwell them and have an intimate relationship with them. Have a personable one-on-one relationship with his creation.

And he still longs for that. He still longs for you to spend time with him, praise God. I want to encourage you, spend time with Him today, seek Him out, seek out his nature, who he is. And then the power will come, then the things you need. But seek his face first and foremost-

Carlie: That’s a powerful truth.

Ashley: -because that’s what he wants. He wants to spend time with you, he wants to see you. So why not seek him out?

Carlie: Amen. That’s a powerful truth.

Ashley: We’ve got so much more to share with you today and we want to pray for you and minister to you. But first we’ve got some exciting things that are going to empower you in the promises of God.

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Ashley: Hey, we’re talking about freedom and about how Jesus has set us free, praise God. We’ve been looking at some powerful truths about how religion can entangle us.

Carlie: We have a choice to be free.

Ashley: We have a choice to be free.

Carlie: We have to stand in it.

Ashley: I know you got some good things to share, but before that, I want to share a testimony with you. You can leave testimonies on our website. Go to Leave us your testimony. We’d love to hear how God has used this ministry to help you and empower you. Praise God. So this is Heidi and Heidi says that last week, June last week’s prayer, she received prayer on Facebook, actually on social media. And she said, “The swelling in my ankles went down, numbness in my little toes and fingers completely stopped. And my feet felt warm for the first time in months.

Carlie: Praise God.

Ashley: She felt warm for the first time in months, her circulation is back to normal. So you know what? There’s no symptom too big or too small for God. If you need prayer, if you need healing, then contact our ministry. And know this, you can pray. Praise God. You can pray a prayer of faith and see the healing power of God released in your body. Amen.

Carlie: Amen. That’s powerful. That’s a great example there of how knowing God has released the power of God in someone’s life, in the realm of healing. We started off in our first half of our program, reading a scripture in Philippians 3 in the amplified. Now could you read us first, 12 or 13 if you’ve got it there. There’s a second part there.

Ashley: Philippians 3:12 says, “Not that I have now obtained this ideal or have already been made perfect.” This is Paul talking about knowing Christ.

Carlie: So he’s talking about a process of knowing.

Ashley: He’s talking about knowing Him and knowing Him more intimately and knowing his sufferings and being transformed. And then in verse 12 he says, “Not that I’ve now taken this ideal or have already been made perfect. But I press on to lay hold of and grasp and make my own that for which Christ Jesus was laid hold of me and made me his own.”

Carlie: Man, that’s so powerful.

Ashley: What Paul was saying here is, this first one, is not that I’ve obtained it.

Carlie: I’m a work in progress, praise God.

Ashley: I haven’t obtained it yet. [inaudible] It’s not that I haven’t arrived, but I’ve left. And this is the same to our principle here. Paul is saying, “I definitely haven’t grasped it fully, but I’m on my way. I’m going for it. Praise God. I’m pressing forward. I want to know Jesus. And I want to know Him and be known by Him just like he knows me.” And that’s a powerful truth. Really the Christian life is knowing God and God knowing us.

Carlie: The power of Jesus’ resurrection is found in knowing Him, not just casually, but intimately. That’s like a marriage kind of relationship, isn’t it? That’s talking about spending quality and quantity time to really get to know somebody. If people came up to me and said, “Ashley said this corny joke or whatever,” I could tell you if it was one of his corny jokes because I’ve heard them all.

Ashley: We was actually talking that we’re going to make this, this studio is going to be a no dad jokes zone.

Carlie: Oh my goodness.

Ashley: Because apparently I’m guilty of making dad jokes.

Carlie: I happen to like dad jokes.

Ashley: Sometimes people laugh at my jokes.

Carlie: They do.

Ashley: Sometimes.

Carlie: I think they’re cute.

Ashley: It happens.

Carlie: They’re cute.

Ashley: Thank you. Thank you for laughing at my jokes.

Carlie: Sometimes we have to laugh at ourself or no one else will.

Ashley: That’s right. But what you’re saying is, is that if someone came to you and said, “Ashley said this,” you could tell if it was me or not because you’ve known me for so long.

Carlie: Because I know you. I know your personality. I know your sense of humor. I know your opinions, your thoughts, your dreams. Because we’ve spent time to get to know each other in an intimate way. Not just like 10 minutes every day. It’s not like 10 minutes a day with Jesus. But we need quality and quantity time. That’s where we get the benefits of a marriage.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: In quantity and quality time.

Ashley: Carlie’s love language is quality time.

Carlie: It is.

Ashley: So I worked this out pretty quick, that quality time for Carly is, she said, “Let’s sit down together-“

Carlie: Let’s go for a walk or whatever.

Ashley: When we first got married, I thought if we’re going to sit down and watch a movie, I could actually be working while we were watching the movie. So we’d be sitting together and I’d pull my laptop out and work.

Carlie: So this isn’t a marriage course, but-

Ashley: Evidently that wasn’t quality time because I wasn’t spending time with you, I was working. But I still had one eye on the film. So that doesn’t work. So quality time means like undivided attention.

Carlie: To be fully present.

Ashley: Undivided attention. So we can spend time with God. It’s good to spend time in the presence of God. I think it was Smith Wigglesworth said, they asked him, “How long do you pray for?” He said, “I don’t pray for more than five minutes.” Everyone was like, “What? Great man of God, only prays for five minutes.” He says, “But I never go more than five minutes about praying to God.” Like he was in constant communication. So we can be like that with God. But also there’s times when we need to be, give God our undivided attention. We need to be really concentrating and actually spending time one-on-one.

Carlie: Absolutely. I’m thinking like, we need to be wholly present. You can be present in the flesh.

Ashley: WH, wholly.

Carlie: Yes, you could be present like your body’s there, but your mind is somewhere else. And sometimes I think we can be like that with each other, where you’re together but you’re thinking about something else. if we want to see freedom in different areas of our lives, it means developing this ability to be wholly present.

Ashley: Wholly present.

Carlie: Wholly present with the Lord.

Ashley: Attentive, listening. I saw a t-shirt once a man was wearing and it said it, “My wife says-“

Carlie: Was it decent?

Ashley: Yes, it was very decent. “My wife says I don’t listen to her.”

Carlie: Or something like that.

Ashley: “Or something like that.” So there you go.

Carlie: Awesome.

Ashley: So you could tell that Carlie knows my jokes because she finished them for me. You know the true secret to good comedy? Timing. Carry on.

Carlie: Philippians 3:13.

Ashley: You want to keep reading?

Carlie: Yes.

Ashley: Philippians 3:13. “I do not consider, brethren, that I have captured and made it my own yet. But one thing I do…” actually I emphasize the yet there.

Carlie: One thing.

Ashley: “I haven’t made it my own yet,” Paul was saying. “I haven’t made it my own yet.”

Carlie: But he’s working on it.

Ashley: “But one thing I do is my aspiration forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead.” Paul is really serious here about, “I don’t even let my past into me. I strive to know God. I strive to know God.” The good fight of faith, part of the good fight of faith is fighting to have a relationship with God and not be distracted.

Carlie: It is. And one of the things that really keeps people from the freedom that Jesus paid for, for them to have is the past. And of all the people to mention, forgetting those things that are behind me, I’ve reached forward for the things that are ahead. Paul knew what he was talking about. He was a man that persecuted Christians, and here he is right in half of the new Testament. If he had sat in condemnation and just let his past, his history, his failures, the horrific atrocities that the persecution that he inflicted and rehearsed, everything that he’d done wrong before he knew, before he met Jesus, he would never have been able to be used by God in the way that he did, than the way that he was. And he wouldn’t have been able to sit down and write the scriptures. He wouldn’t have been a stair to stand up for Jesus. Just all of the things that he accomplished. He wouldn’t have been able to do that if he hadn’t perfected this art of forgetting those things which are behind.

Later in this series, we’re going to talk through some difficult subjects. Things like how to get through discouragement, disappointment, unforgiveness, fear. These are things that hold people in bondage because their past is more real to them than their future. In order to grasp everything, the bright future that Christ has, that Jesus has for us, it means we’ve got to let go of some things. If you think about your past, like hanging onto one rope, if ever you’ve seen Tarzan swinging through the jungle, I think about it like this.

Ashley: Tarzan.

Carlie: Tarzan and Jane.

Ashley: Do you want me to make the noise?

Carlie: No.

Ashley: I would if you wanted to.

Carlie: The sound man would be mad because you’d beat the microphone. But anyway. If you’re swinging through the jungle like Tarzan-

Ashley: As you do.

Carlie: -as you do in your mind, in your imagination, in order to grab the vine that’s in front of him and reach the girl, he had to let go of the vine that was behind him. With one hand, he let go and with the other hand, he grasped. This is what Paul is talking about. I have to reach forward and grasp and make my own everything for which Jesus has grasp made my own. Amen. There is a conscious decision of letting go, of giving up to go up. We got to give up to go up. Jeremiah 29:11 puts it like this. He says, “For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans for a future and an expected end.”

God has a bright future for you. He has planned things for you, for your good, from before you even existed. But if we want to walk in some of those things, it means cutting off some of those things which are behind us. those failures, those fears, those disappointments. I come up against this mindset, this disappointment a lot, especially in the realm of just healing ministry. Oftentimes people will come for prayer and their expectation is so low because of the hundred people they’ve had before them, nothing’s changed.

Ashley: Hope deferred makes the heart sick.

Carlie: Hope deferred makes the heart sick. We really are going to unpack this more. So I’m just giving you a teaser here. If we come to God with hope deferred, it’s made our heart sick, we come in a place of real low expectancy where a past is more real to us than our future. And we’ll struggle to receive because we were more connected with our feelings than we are with our future. I just get bold with people now. “You may have had a hundred people pray for you, but you hadn’t had me pray for you.” Because in that, I know that the power of God when I pray is released. I don’t know where they’ve come from. I don’t need to know the history. But I do know the future that God has for them.

And when we’re more convinced of our future than we are of our past, we’ll be able to step into the freedom for which Jesus paid for, for us. There was an example here. I want to look at this in Mark chapter 10. This is a man, blind Bartimaeus. Now, he was a beggar. He sat by the road coming out of Jericho. This is Mark 10:46. It says, “They came to Jericho. And as he went out of Jericho with his disciples,” talking about Jesus, “A great number of people, blind Bartimaeus…” Everybody knew him. He was blind Bartimaeus. If he could have had a badge with blind Bartimaeus on, they would have known who he was.

“He was a son of Timaeus sat along the way begging. When he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out, ‘Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me.'” Some of us are coming to God, “Jesus, son of David, have mercy on us.” And many people ordered him to, they had persecution. They wanted to shut him up. They didn’t want him to bother the teacher. “Be quiet,” they said. But even so, he cried out all the more, “Son of David, have mercy on me.” “Jesus stood still and commanded him to be called. And so they called the blind man saying, ‘Be of good comfort. Rise. He is calling you.’.

But this is the bit that I want us to see. “Throwing aside his,” in some transactions he says beggar clothes. In here’s it says garments. “Throwing aside his bigger clothes, he Rose and came to Jesus. And Jesus says, ‘What do you want me to do for you?'” And he said that he might receive his sight. “Jesus said to him, ‘Go your way. Your faith has made you well.’ And he was healed that very moment.” In order for Bartimaeus to quit being called blind Bartimaeus… When we get to heaven, he’s going to be the beggar formerly known as blind Bartimaeus.

Ashley: Formerly known as.

Carlie: There was a decision that he had to make. He had to throw aside his beggar clothes. He had to cast off his past identity in order to embrace something that he knew Jesus had for him. In order to walk in freedom in the realm of healing, he had to identify with what Jesus had paid for, for him, what was available through Jesus, and he had to respond to it. I’m asking you to respond today. I’m asking you to lay aside your preconceived ideas, your past negative experiences, and set out on a journey of faith with us as we go through this freedom series. Because Jesus has more for you than you’re experiencing today. He wants to see you free in every area of your life. Amen.

Ashley: Amen. That’s awesome. Let’s pray. I want to pray for you before we let you go. Father God, I thank you for every person watching and listening today. I’m thankful that you have set them free. You’ve paid for their freedom.

Carlie: Amen.

Ashley: I thank you, Jesus. You did the work for us and now we’re in a position where we can be free in you. I thank you, Lord. The reason you set us free was for freedom, was for us to live the free life. And right now whoever’s watching and listening, Lord, I thank you that they’re going to receive your freedom. They’re going to that freedom. In Jesus name.

Carlie: Thank you, Lord.

Ashley: Thank you, Lord.

Carlie: Thank you, Lord. I declare freedom over you today. I declare you free from sickness, from disease, from bondage, from sin.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: We declare freedom over your life today, in Jesus name.

Ashley: Amen. Be free, in Jesus name. Amen. Well, thanks for joining us. We’ll be back real soon, but remember until next time, don’t just settle for living a normal life when you could be living the abundant life. See you soon.