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On Freedom Part 2 Ashley and Carlie explain how freedom begins with what you can see. Did you know that people can experience the side-effects of slavery even after being set free? The children of Israel were unable to enter the promised land because they still saw themselves as slaves. God taught Abraham to look up. Finally, Peter had to look at Jesus as when he walked on the water. As you begin to see God’s vision for your life, you will be set free from every kind of bondage so you can live in freedom!

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The primary scriptures explored in Freedom Part 2 are Hebrews 4:11, Mark 6:49-52, and Genesis 15:5.


Carlie: We’re in this series here talking about freedom. Did you know that Christ came to set you free in every area of your life, but in order to embrace that freedom, it means letting go of the past?

Announcer: Why live a normal life when you could be living the Abundant Life. Welcome to the Abundant Life Program with Ashley and Carlie Terradez.

Ashley: Hey, and welcome to the Abundant Life. We’re so glad you’ve joined us today, here in the lounge and now we’ve got exciting program for you. Actually, we’re talking about freedom and about what it means to live and walk in freedom. In fact, is Jesus paid for your freedom. That’s right. Jesus paid for you to live the free life. And wherever you’re watching from wherever part of the world you’re watching from, I want you to know God’s will for you, is to walk in freedom. God’s will for you is to have freedom, not be entangled with bondage, not being too be entangled with things that are going to hinder you, but to be free and to walk in everything God’s supplied for you to walk in.

Carlie: Amen. Amen. The good news is called the good news because it’s-

Ashley: It’s good news.

Carlie: …the good news. We have some good news today. We have some good news to share. God has provided for you so that you don’t have to be entangled with slavery. Now it might not necessarily be physical slavery, but oftentimes we deal with things that causes us to have slavery in our minds. So even though Jesus paid the price for us to walk in freedom in every area of our life, there’s a slavery that exists on the inside of our mind and that’s in the way that we think. There’s a story here in John chapter five I want us to get into. You literally said that Jesus has paid the price for us to walk in freedom. This is a story here of a man that had a divine intervention that enabled him to do just that, to walk in freedom.

This is the healing of the man at the pool of Bethesda. So if you’ve got your Bibles turn over here to John chapter five and in verse one, it says after this, there was a feast of the Jews and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. Now in Jerusalem by the Sheep Gate, there is a pool which in Hebrews is called Bethesda with five porches. And around this pool lays a great crowd of invalids, blind, lame the paralyzed and they’re all waiting for something. They’re waiting for the moving of the water. They’re waiting for an angel to come down at a certain time and to stir up the water in the pool. After the stirring of the water, whoever steps in first is healed of whatever disease they had. Now, I want to tell you in Bible times they did not have then what we have now.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: You see these people did not have. If you’re a born-again, believer today, you have more power on the inside of you than these people had that were sitting there by the pool, waiting for an angel. They had to wait for an angel to come down like it was just some kind of lottery. Maybe today’s the day. Maybe today’s the day my number’s up and the angels are going to come down. I’m going to be the first one to get into the pool and I just want to help some people with this. We don’t have to come to God with that attitude. You see the freedom that Christ has given us means that the freedom has already been paid for. Freedom from sickness, freedom from poverty, freedom from disease, whatever you need to put in there after the word freedom, freedom from you already have it in Jesus. We don’t have to wait. It’s not up to chance anymore. We have a lot more today than these people ever had, but let’s read on down.

It says a certain man who is there with an illness for 38 years. That’s a long time. That’s a long time to be sick. If you’ve been sick for a long time, the sickness isn’t just in your body, it’s gotten into the way that we think. It starts to infect how we think and how we see ourselves. Ashley can testify to this but for many years, when we first got married, when you met me, actually, we met in the hospital-

Ashley: That’s right. Yeah-

Carlie: I had epilepsy. We met in hospital, didn’t we?

Ashley: That’s right. In fact, I met just a few weeks before that I came to decorate your parents’ house. I was still living at home. We were just 18 at the time and I came to decorate. I was a youth pastor and I had one day off a week and in that day off I-

Carlie: You had to make some money.

Ashley: I had to make some money and I would help my friend with construction work with a home remodeling and we was doing parents’ house. Painting that, flood damage. They’re painting their house, the inside of their house just for a couple of days and you were there obviously living there. So I met you there and it was love at first sight. After I spent the day with you, I remember painting everywhere. I was painting the house you’d follow me around doing your studies. You had some books or something you were studying for college.

Carlie: Yeah I was studying.

Ashley: Anyway, we got chatting. We spent the day together just talking while I was painting-

Carlie: He was painting I was studying.

Ashley: That’s right and then two weeks later-

Carlie: I don’t think I was doing much studying actually.

Ashley: You went on vacation on the way-

Carlie: I was studying you.

Ashley: Really? Tell me more. I didn’t know that. Okay. You said you never even noticed me before. Okay. Goodness. That was 22 years ago. 21 years ago so look at that truth’s coming out then-

Carlie: Come on now.

Ashley: So anyway, what happened was, was I fell in love with her and I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I was like, Oh man. I prayed about it and I really felt like the Lord was saying, yes, that’s your wife. If you leave it up to me, I’ll get you back together again, because it was in a different town. I just, by chance, there was no way in the natural I was going to meet you again.

Carlie: But you had to help me out, didn’t you?

Ashley: I help got out. So, I came back a couple of weeks later and knocked on her parent’s door. I was 18 years old, put a suit on and her mum answered. I said I’m here to inspect the work. So I came with a clipboard and she let me in. So I was inspecting, I said, yeah, the paint’s dry and-

Carlie: It was the funniest.

Ashley: …Checking off imaginary check marks on the clipboard-

Carlie: He had this blank piece of paper on his clipboard, like this and it just a blank piece of paper and a by row and said, hmm, yeah, the wallpaper’s yep. Check. He just kept making check marks on this piece of paper.

Ashley: I was like is your daughter around?

Carlie: So smooth.

Ashley: The Carlie came downstairs and she says, I’m going to work. I said, well, I’ll take you. You said I’ve got to get the bus. I’m going to work. And I said I’ll take you. I’m going that way. You just said I don’t know. You don’t know where I work-

Carlie: You don’t know which way I go.

Ashley: It doesn’t matter where you work-

Carlie: I’m going.

Ashley: …I’m going that way. I took her to work. We had a good chat and then the next day you went off for vacation and actually she got sick. Carlie had such bad epilepsy. She had grand mal seizure epilepsy, taking over 11 different medications, different types of medication daily. So on your way back from vacation, you had an episode and they ended up… You had a seizure, they ended up putting you in hospital. So there, I found out you was in hospital. So basically we built our relationship in hospital. You was in there for about three weeks or so and after about three weeks, I was at her hospital bedside and to just spending time with her, building that relationship. People would come and visit her and they’d say, who’s this? She’d say, he’s my painter and decorator. It didn’t really make sense-

Carlie: He actually never asked me out.

Ashley: I never dated you officially.

Carlie: You never dated me. He just asked me to marry you.

Ashley: I just asked her to marry me-

Carlie: So he was my builder-

Ashley: Just skip out the dating part. Just when you know, it’s God, you just, you know what I’m saying? Know it’s God. On about the second day I came to the hospital, I looked through the window of her room, for the door window and there was a man sitting on her bed and you had your head on his chest. You was like, embracing him on the bed like this, your head in his chest, and that was it. My world was crushed because I never asked you if you was dating.

Carlie: He didn’t realize it was my brother.

Ashley: It was your brother. So I walked in there and she went, this is my brother. I was like, I love you.

Carlie: Man hug.

Ashley: Oh yeah. So anyway, that’s how we met and-

Carlie: That’s how we met. But my, I guess my point was when you met me and until the point where and I was healed of epilepsy, by the way-

Ashley: You was very sick. Yeah.

Carlie: But I suffered with epilepsy. I was having multiple seizures a day and when you’re sick for a long time, the sickness starts to get in your head. It starts to change the way you think. It starts to inhibit you. Even the things that you could do previously, you kind of shy away from doing. If you’ve dealt with chronic sickness, it isolates you and you actually lose a lot of confidence. You lose a lot of self-esteem. Even the things that you could do, you kind of shy away from, and you stop going out, you stop meeting people, you stop pushing yourself to do things.

Before you know it, you have the most genuine excuse in the world. Oh, because you’re sick. Right? But without meaning to that sickness starts to steal more and more of you. It starts to steal more and more of your identity, your life, your passion. Starts to plan more of your day. Steal your finances, it steals your relationships, it steals your time and attention. Sickness and disease does that because it’s by character and nature is it bears the hallmarks at the enemy. It’s not from God. It’s always from the enemy and so it bears his hallmarks. It bears his DNA in that and it starts to slowly take over every part of your life. This man, by the pool of Bethesda, you could hear it in him in the way that he talks. He wasn’t just captive in his physical body. He was captive in the way that he was thinking when he meets Jesus, look at this. It says, when Jesus saw him lying there, he knew that he’d been in that condition a long time. He said to him, do you want to be healed? This seems like a pretty logical question to ask. The sick-

Ashley: To be honest it should just be yes.

Carlie: Well, not always. Jesus asked. The sick man answered him and listen to his response. Sir, I have no one to put me in the pool when the water is stirred, but while I’m coming down, another steps in before me. He’s immediately referring back to, oh, woe is me. Oh, poor me. Past experience. No one’s helping me. And he fails to see that the Messiah, the answer to his answer to freedom is standing right in front of him. He fails to see Jesus for who he is because he’s so wrapped up in the past. In his previous experiences, he almost dismisses his healing.

In the Weiss translation, it puts this scripture like this in verse four, it says after the stirring of the water, whoever stepped in first was healed of whatever disease he had. In the Weiss translation, it puts it this way, wherever disease had gotten possession of him and was holding him down. You see this man wasn’t just diseased in his body. The disease had gotten possession of him and this is what we’re talking about. In order to walk in freedom. Christ has paid for us to walking in freedom, Galatians 5:1, but we need to stand firm to stand fast in that freedom and refuse to be dragged back into a previous negative anti-godly way of thinking. Sickness and disease it doesn’t matter what, if it’s sickness and disease or something else, any negative mindset that has rooted itself in our thinking for a long period of time, 38 years, he was in this condition.

That’s a long period of time. It starts to alter how we think it starts to cling, drag us more into the past than it does into the future. I think it was last time we talked about Paul and it said in Philippians 3:13, forgetting those things, which lay behind. Forgetting those things I reached forward to press on, to lay at heart a grass and make my own that for which Christ has laid hold of me. If we want to walk in the freedom that Christ has and it starts with a decision to let go of the things that are behind us. To be more reaching forward to the things that are ahead, man, then I had to do that in order to step free from epilepsy. This was a big deal for me. For years, I dealt with multiple seizures a day.

I couldn’t be left on my own. I had to have a babysitter for me. It was bad. You never knew when you were going to come home from work, whether I was going to be alive or not. Get random calls from the supermarket or the hospital or whatever, wherever I’d had a seizure. It was hard. We had three little kids and I wasn’t able to take care of them by myself. Ashley was trying to pay the bills and it was just hard. But one day just like this man, I had a godly intervention. I had a godly intervention. Jesus sees this man and he says to him, rise, take up your bed and walk. Immediately the men took up his bed and walked. That intervention, Jesus had to come in and almost like snap him.

If he had grabbed him by the face and say, look into my eyes, don’t look around the eyes. Look at me, get your eyes off the past, and look at me. I had a similar kind of intervention. God had to speak to me, speak his will regarding healing to me, and paint a new picture of me on the inside. A picture of me that was free from a disease that had held me, not only captive in my body, but captive in my thinking. When Jesus spoke to this man, this is really fascinates me about this passage. He says, rise, take up your bed and walk. This isn’t polite. The way that it’s said, it’s a command, a continuous action that demands a response. He literally snapped into this man’s line of sight and forced him to put his attention wholly on him to be wholly present in that moment. It’s almost like he was saying, rise up, start walking and keep on walking is a continuous action. This man, he asked him to do something that he couldn’t do before. If we want to walk in freedom, we can’t keep thinking the same way we’ve been thinking in the past, it begins with a decision. You know what? Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: It’s a good day to start walking in freedom.

Ashley: People say well it’s too late or I should have started yesterday or last week or anything else. You know what? Today’s a great day to start. Today’s a great day to start and what Carlie’s teaching here and doing, this is the truth. God wants you well. It’s God’s will for you to be well and regardless of your past experience, regardless of your disappointments of the past. This man in the Pool of Bethesda here, he had so many disappointments. Well, someone gets in before me, and often we hear this from people. Well, I’ve tried, that. I’ve tried to walk out in faith. I’ve tried to step out and do these things. It hasn’t worked. I’m here to tell you today’s your day. God wants you well. Praise God. God wants you to walk in freedom. The freedom that is paid for regardless of your past and regardless of what you’re going through God’s will for you is freedom. Praise God. So before we finish this teaching, we’ve got some other valuable points to make, but we want to share with you some exciting things that are going on in this ministry. So stay tuned. You’re going to see some great things. They’re going to help you be empowered in the promises of God.

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Ashley: Hey, we’re talking about freedom and about how Christ has set you free to live the free life praise God. We’ve been looking at John five and the man at the Pool of Bethesda. But before then I want to ask you a question. So we have people writing to us. You can write us the details on your screen. It’s TerradezMinistries.com. TerradezMinistries.com. Some of those people ask those questions. Sometimes they leave us testimonies. We’d love to hear from you. So this is Valerie. Valerie asked, I need a healing for my pain in my hip. She’s got a pain in her hip. She says, does having a hip replacement three years ago, disqualify me for this miracle? So she’s got pain in one hip. She had the other side replaced three years ago. Does that disqualify her from a miracle? She’s saying basically she went down the medical route, got a hip replacement. Now she’s got pain in the other hip. Is she disqualified from her miracle?

Carlie: Valerie, let me just help you with something. There’s no condemnation in Christ Jesus. Amen. So if God has used the doctors and he’s repaired one of your hips, then praise Jesus you’re healed in that hip. Amen. What the devil would like to do is say, you can only believe God one way and if you don’t believe him perfectly, then what kind of believer are you? He’s just full of condemnation, but that condemnation doesn’t come from Jesus. It’s not in the word. It doesn’t come from Jesus. So just because you’ve had a medical procedure, doesn’t mean that you’ve somehow excluded yourself from now walking in faith. First of all, God wants you well, no matter how you receive it, okay? Whether your faith is, if I go to the doctor, the doctor’s going to heal me. If I have the surgery, the surgery is going to heal me.

If I take the medicine, the medicine’s going to heal me. Or if I put faith in God, I’m going to receive a supernatural healing. Any way that God can get healing to you, he’ll work with wherever you put your faith. Amen. So don’t let the enemy get you into condemnation over this. But if you want to believe God for supernatural healing, believe God for supernatural healing. This whole course is talking about freedom. You are free to believe. Amen. You are free to believe the word of God and we will stand with you. Right now let’s just pray for Valerie right now. Right now, we just speak to Valerie, to your hip and we command… And anyone else who’s got problems in their hips. We command healing into that hip right now in Jesus’ name all pain, all weakness, all frailty has to leave. Strength, movement, mobility come back into that hip bone right now. I speak to those bones and command them to be strong and all disease to leave your body in Jesus’ name.

Ashley: Amen. Amen. Amen. If you agree with that say amen.

Carlie: Amen.

Ashley: Praise God.

Carlie: All right. Send us your testimony.

Ashley: Next, send your testimony, TerradezMinistries.com. Write in and let us know your testimony. Praise God. So we’re looking at freedom-

Carlie: Yeah, we are.

Ashley: …and about how Christ has set us free. It’s your freedom Christ set us free.

Carlie: So now the first part before the announcements, we were talking about the man of Bethesda and how he had to change of thinking. We need to let God expand our vision. Did you know that your thinking can limit the power of God in your life?

Ashley: Wow.

Carlie: You think God’s all-powerful, all-controlling. Well, he’s all-powerful, but he isn’t all-controlling. He doesn’t control what you think about. He doesn’t control the thoughts, the emotions that go through you, or how you respond, because he wants us to be in relationship with him. We started out this series about talking about the difference between religion and relationship. We’re in relationship with Jesus. That means we aren’t robots. We aren’t conditioned. We can think for ourselves and God wants us to choose him just like we choose our spouse. Right? He wants us to choose him and when we choose him, it also means if we can choose him, we can choose on how we think. Now we can choose to think the thoughts of God or we can choose to bring ourselves back into captivity. Even the crisis paid for us to be free. We can choose to live in captivity if we want to because our own thoughts can limit the power of God operating in our life.

Ashley: Amen. You made a big statement with God. You said God’s sovereign. He’s powerful. He’s all-powerful, but he’s not all-controlling. He doesn’t control. In fact, it makes him more powerful if you ask me the fact that he’s given free will to mankind. He gave authority of the earth to mankind and he gave us the ability to think for ourselves and he gave us the ability to even choose. As set before you as witnesses, heaven, and earth and set before your life or death choose life. He gave us-

Carlie: Deuteronomy 30:19.

Ashley: Deuteronomy 30:19. He gave us a choice. He gave us freewill and because of that, we can choose how we think and what we think of. So I know a lot of people say, well, God’s controlling everything and this is really a separate teaching, but they’re saying God’s controlling everything. God’s in control of everything. Well, if God’s in control of everything, why bother praying? Why bother doing anything? Everything is just down to God. That’s not true. God is all-powerful. God is sovereign, but he is not all-controlling and one way, helped me understand him. Imagine if your owned an apartment block and you own that whole building and it was yours, you owned it all. But you had tenants in there. Those tenants could do a good job and look after those apartments or they could do a bad job and they could wreck those apartments. At the end of the day, the landlord hasn’t got the right to control exactly what goes on in those apartments-

Carlie: He’s not going to go into that apartment and tell them what to make for dinner.

Ashley: He can’t tell him what to make for dinner. He can’t just… Now he still owns the whole apartment and ultimately he can set down rules, guidelines, and things like that but ultimately those people they can make whatever they want for dinner in that apartment-

Carlie: They have free will.

Ashley: They can watch wherever they want on television in that apartment. So with God, God’s all-powerful, but he’s not all-controlling. That means we have a choice in what we think and that means we have free will. It’s an amazing thing that God’s given us this free will it’s because like Carlie said, he wants a relationship with us. He wants a genuine relationship. He doesn’t want it to be just like we’re robots and we have to follow him. He wants you to be genuine. So he’s given us this free will, therefore we can choose what we think on this is Psalms 78. Psalm verse 78.

If you’ve got your Bibles, I’d really encourage you to read this. Because if you don’t read this yourself, you might not believe it’s in the Bible, but it’s right here in the Bible, Psalm 78 verse 41, it says yes, again and again. Throughout the Israelites, they tempted God. Okay, these are tempted God, this is a part of the Exodus. And it says here and limited, listen to this, they limited the Holy One of Israel. Right there the people of God limited the Holy One of Israel. They limited what he could do because of their thinking. Because of the way they were thinking. Their stinking thinking, if you’d like limited God in what he could do. I’m reminded of Jesus praying for the blind man and he had to take him out of the city because there’s so much unbelief in the city-

Carlie: Yeah the city, he couldn’t do many mighty works in there-

Ashley: He couldn’t do many mighty works…

Carlie: …because of their unbelief.

Ashley: Because of their unbelief. He took the blind man out the city and he had to pray for him twice. The only time I think he had to pray for someone twice is can you see now? And he says well I do, but men look a bit like trees and he had to pray again, then you’ve got your perfect TV.

Carlie: Unbelief is a problem. It was a problem for Jesus. It hindered the power of God from… It hindered what Jesus could do in that area. Not because God didn’t have the power, but because the people chose not to receive it. There’s a difference. God is not going to make you choose him. He didn’t make you choose salvation. He’s not going to make you choose healing. He’s not going to make you choose freedom. He’s not going to make you choose prosperity or deliverance or freedom from sin or any of those things. We have to respond to what he’s already provided and unbelief then which is basically faith in the reverse is belief in un. Right?

Ashley: Belief in un. Unbelief.

Carlie: Belief in un. We can actually limit the power of God working through us. Look at this is talking again you mentioned Psalms 78 verse 41. This is the Israelites. How the Israelites limited God. God wanted to bring them into promise land into land that he had set aside for them that was flowing with milk and honey. That our land that was full of freedom, a land of freedom. God is trying to lead you into your land of freedom. But look, he says this is in Hebrews he talks about this in verse five, it says, and again, in the present passage. I mean, Hebrews four, verse five, and again, in the present passage, he said, they shall not enter my rest. Therefore it remains for some to enter and they, to whom it was first preached did not enter due to unbelief. It goes on down and it says in verse 11, let us, therefore let us labor, therefore, to enter that rest, let anyone fall by the same pattern of unbelief.

What pattern of unbelief? That was the pattern of unbelief that the Israelites had. The negative way of thinking that meant they could not wrap their mind around, hang them in it. God’s given us a promise land. They were slaves taken out of slavery, but the slavery was still in their mind. They were still captives in their mind and because they were still captives in their mind. They couldn’t grasp and make their own everything for which God had laid aside for them. Some of us need to expand our thinking a little bit. God did this with Abraham right back in Genesis. In Genesis five, chapter five, God has a conversation with Abraham. He’s going to make him the father of many nations. Now we know the story of Abraham and Sarah. That Sarah’s barren. They were up there in years. They haven’t been able to have children-

Ashley: 99 and 100.

Carlie: …Nothing’s looking like it’s going on there. But yet God said, I’m going to make you the father of many nations. He has this conversation in Genesis five, in Genesis 15, rather, verse five. Do you have that in the amplified?

Ashley: [inaudible] has here funny enough.

Carlie: Awesome.

Ashley: Genesis 15 verse five. So God brought him outside, Abraham. So God brought Abraham outside of his tent into the star lights. So imagine Abraham or Abraham here dwell intense in the desert and God said, come outside your tent. He brought him outside his tent, into the starlight, and said, look now towards the heavens and count the stars. So imagine this. This is no light pollution-

Carlie: It was good.

Ashley: If you’re in one of these places where there’s a lot of light pollution, get out and look around where there’s no light pollution. Get into middle of a field or something. It’s amazing how many stars you can see. Well, there was zero light pollution here. He must’ve seen literally hundreds of thousands of stars. If you’re able to number them, he said look towards the heavens count the stars- if you’re able to number them. Then God said to him, so shall your descendants be. God’s speaking to Abraham so shall your descendants be like the number of stars in the sky.

Carlie: This was so powerful because when Abraham looked around and looked at his own body and looked at Sarah’s body and was like, ah, I don’t think so. It didn’t look like the word of God. The promises of God was going to work for him. So God gave Abraham a visual. Come outside the tent, look up where you’re unrestricted. Tent’s a metaphor. AA metaphor for confining limited restricted places or limited thinking. In other words, you say, Abraham, come outside and quit the limited thinking. Come outside to a broad place and see what I’m seeing without restraints. You know the word freedom this is what it actually means. It means the right or power, I looked this up in the dictionary, the right or power to act, speak, or think without hindrance. The absence of constraints, a state of not being enslaved or imprisoned.

So many of us are enslaved and imprisoned in the way that we think. We have literal constraints, but God is calling us out. He’s calling us out and I love this. He says, Abraham, come outside and lookup. Look up. Where God is there it was in the heavens. He said, look up at me Abraham, look beyond your circumstances, beyond your affliction, beyond your past experience. Look at me, keep your eyes on me, look right at me. Don’t look around just like Jesus with the man at the Pool of Bethesda, he is trying to intervene in your life today. He’s trying to break in through the distractions of life, through the distractions of pain, through the worry, through the noise, the chaos, or the turmoil. He’s trying to break in and speak to you today. He’s calling you out from where you are. He’s calling you out so that you may come up to where he is to think without constraints, to think the thoughts of God. Because if we can expand your thinking, anything is possible. All things are possible to him who believes. I believe that God has got good things for you today. Amen.

Ashley: Amen. That’s Awesome. Praise God. That’s awesome.

Carlie: Thank you Jesus.

Ashley: We want to pray for you before we let you go before I’m going to thank you for everyone watching and listening today. I thank you, Lord. You’ve given them the ability to think your thoughts. You’ve given them the ability to see bigger and I thank you Lord that the promises you made to Abraham. They’re true for us. You’ve got only good things for us. You’ve got plans to increase us. You’ve got plans to give us an expected end and a hope and a future. I thank you as we take our eyes off our problems and off our paths. We start looking to you, Lord, and your resources, I think Lord you’re going to set us free in our thinking. In Jesus’ name.

Carlie: Amen.

Ashley: Amen. Praise God. Well, thanks for joining. We’ll be back real soon, but until next time, remember, don’t just live a normal life when you could be living the Abundant Life. We’ll see you soon.